A 15-month-old baby with a marijuana cigarette led to a bizarre arrest

Jul 8, 2024

A Florida man decided he wanted to get stoned.

Whatever floats his boat, except he let his own baby in on the action. 

And now a 15-month-old baby with a marijuana cigarette led to a bizarre arrest. 

Clearly not baby-proofed

Babies and toddlers are curious individuals.

They get into everything.

Literally, everything.

Their curious minds encourage them to explore every nook and cranny. 

And with a walking toddler, every drawer is an exciting opportunity for adventure. 

Every parent knows this.

So, they plan accordingly and baby-proof their homes.

Responsible parents put safety latches on cupboards and drawers and install a host of baby gates.

At minimum, they keep hazardous items like sharp knives and medication out of the reach of toddlers.

But one Florida dad must have missed the memo.

And he was stunned to learn his own daughter ate his marijuana cigarette.

What did you expect?

Cody Spiegelhalter had his 15-month-old daughter at his house, and somehow thought it was a good idea to leave his drugs within her reach.


As Fox 13 reported, Spiegelhalter rolled up a marijuana cigarette while in the presence of his daughter.

He was eager to get high!

But first decided to use the restroom, and leave the marijuana accessible for his daughter.

When Spiegelhalter came back from the restroom he discovered his 15-month-old baby ate most of the cigarette!

Poor baby!


The baby went to the hospital due to medical issues.

One cannot even imagine how terrified the baby felt not knowing what was happening to her body, all because the father who was supposed to protect her was reckless.

Police discovered more

As the police started to investigate what happened, they discovered Spiegelhalter’s home was in horrible condition.

The floors were covered in dog urine and feces.


There was no air-conditioning, and police also discovered THC and mushrooms were in plain view. 

Thank goodness the baby did not digest more harmful items! 

Parents have the privilege and responsibility of raising the next generation.

While accidents happen, clearly this was a sign of gross neglect.

If dad wants to “get high” and destroy his life, he should do it on his own time, not when he is in charge of watching his daughter.

His negligence could have killed his daughter.

Spiegelhalter was arrested and charged with child neglect without great bodily harm. 

Sheriff Rick Staly said “This could have had a tragic ending. Thankfully, this child was removed from this very unhealthy environment,” reported WSTP.

“Based on his irresponsibility, this guy will never be Father of the Year or even for a day, and he will be spending time at the Green Roof Inn where he belongs,” Staly continued.

Hopefully, the little girl’s family will see to it that she does not spend one more moment unsupervised with dad. 

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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