A Biden official had the worst day of his life after Matt Gaetz asked him this question

Jun 6, 2024

Matt Gaetz took off the gloves during a hearing with a top Biden official.

He dismantled him for the Biden administration’s latest unconstitutional power grab.

And a Biden official had the worst day of his life after Matt Gaetz asked him this question.

Joe Biden makes private gun sales illegal with new ATF rule

President Joe Biden is the most anti-gun occupant of the White House in American history.

He delivered a long-held goal of the anti-gun lobby when his Justice Department instituted universal background checks in April.

Using the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, the biggest gun control bill since former President Bill Clinton’s 1994 assault weapons ban, the Justice Department turned millions of law-abiding gun owners into potential criminals overnight.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) changed the definition of what it means to be “Engaged in the Business” as a firearms dealer.

Biden’s ATF now treated a private citizen selling or transferring a firearm the same as a gun store.

That means that ordinary gun owners were now considered professional firearm dealers.

Now, every time that a gun changes hands the person transferring it would have to run the recipient’s name through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) like a gun store would.

Selling an extra shotgun to a friend or handing down a family hunting rifle from father to son would require a federal background check.

That would force gun owners to get a federal firearms license (FFL) to make the occasional private sale.

That is why the private sale and transfer of firearms would be all but nonexistent because of the expense and mountain of red tape to make them.

And it would open the door to eventual gun confiscation with near-universal gun registration.

Now every sale and transfer in the country would be run through the NICS system which would give the government a database of gun ownership.

A database is the first step toward the Democrats’ goal of mass gun confiscation.

Matt Gaetz grills the ATF Director about the new universal background check rule

ATF Director Steven Dettelbach appeared at a House Judiciary Committee hearing where he was grilled about his agency’s new universal background rule.

Representative Matt Gaetz (R-FL) got Dettelbach to reveal how vague the “Engaged in the Business” rule is.

“So, how many firearms does someone have to sell to be ‘engaged in the business’ of firearms dealing?” Gaetz asked Dettelbach.

Dettelbach dodged the simple question.

“That matter is being litigated in several courts, so, sticking to what’s already in the public record, the rule itself is 16 pages, skipping lines, …[combined] with over 400 pages of explanation,” Dettelbach replied.

The “Engaged in the Business” is so confusing and arbitrary that the AFT can use it to target anyone.

But the ATF Director does not want to admit that’s the point of the rule.

“We received many comments [on the rule]. One of the comments that we received was from, I think, Sen. Cornyn, who expressed the view that there was no numerical threshold,” Dettelbach said.

“In the House Judiciary Committee, we probably won’t look to Sen. Cornyn as the oracle of all things gun rights,” Gaetz replied.

RINO anti-gun Senator John Cornyn was the co-sponsor of the Safer Communities Act that opened the door for the ATF’s power grab.

Gaetz blasted the ATF Director after the hearing on social media.

“The ATF is once again trying to create felons out of law-abiding Americans. ATF’s new rule attacks private sales in an attempt to bar Americans from legally transferring firearms. It’s so over-broad, Director Dettelbach himself can’t define it! Congress needs to ABOLISH the ATF!” Gaetz wrote on X.

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