A cinnamon roll assault led to an unexpected arrest and a crazy mugshot photo that will shock you

Jun 6, 2024

An unexpected Florida brawl escalated to a strange new level.

But no one anticipated the weapon of choice.

And a cinnamon roll assault led to an unexpected arrest and a crazy mugshot photo that will shock you.

A bad day just got worse

Ann Marie Luna, a 37-year-old, was not having a good day.

In fact, she was in such a bad mood she got into a fight with another man at a transitional housing facility.

But instead of a simple verbal altercation, things escalated.


Luna was determined to have the last word and make her point.

And she wanted to use more than just her voice.

She did not have access to a gun or a knife, so, she grabbed the next best thing.

Or so she thought.

Buns in the kitchen

Luna was desperate to release the bottled-up rage brewing inside her.

But her resources were limited.

So, she acted swiftly, and grabbed the first thing she saw.

And in a moment of fury, Luna picked up none other than a cinnamon roll and launched it at the back of a 49-year-old man’s head, The Smoking Gun reported.

Yes, a good ol’ fashioned cinnamon roll.

A bit odd, but then again, the event occurred in Florida.

And in Florida anything goes.

Prosecute her!

While the man was naturally annoyed to have a gooey icing-laced cinnamon roll chucked at his head, he demanded that Luna face punishment.

According to the Smoking Gun, while the man was “not injured” he still wished Luna would be “prosecuted.”

And his wish was granted.

Since the security cameras in the facility captured the “assault,” Luna could not deny the fact that she did launch the cinnamon roll at the man’s head.

But nothing prepared her for the consequences.

Luna was charged with misdemeanor battery and sent to jail.

Her mugshot photo revealed her irritated face stuffed into a bright orange jumpsuit with her tattoos poking out around the collar.

Perhaps an anger management class would have taught her how to chill out.

But Luna didn’t stay in jail long as her $500 bond was paid and she was released, but warned to stay away from the man.

Imagine, a charge of misdemeanor battery on one’s record over a cinnamon roll!

What is even more bizarre is fights involving cinnamon rolls have happened more than once.

A few years back, Anway Alomari was arrested after he assaulted a customer at a gas station after the customer took a cinnamon bun claiming the gas station “owed him money.”

I guess the good ol’ days of grandma baking fresh cinnamon rolls and having them cool on her window sill are gone.

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