A Democrat State Representative in Florida made one disgusting claim about Ron DeSantis that will have you seeing red

Aug 29, 2023

Democrats and the media have been trying to take down Ron DeSantis for the past three years.

But this time they went too far.

And a Democrat State Representative in Florida made one disgusting claim about Ron DeSantis that will have you seeing red.

A deranged madman opened fire on Saturday in a Dollar General store in Jacksonville, Florida and killed three innocent black people before killing himself.

According to Jacksonville Sheriff T.K. Waters, the shooter, 21-year-old Ryan Christopher Palmeter, had allegedly written numerous racist manifestos prior to the shooting.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis quickly condemned the horrific shooting in a video where he wrote that “Casey DeSantis and I stand with the families impacted by the tragic shooting in Jacksonville,” adding that “the people of Florida stand united in condemning the horrific, racially-motivated murders.”

“This guy killed himself rather than face the music and responsibility for his actions, and so he took the coward’s way out,” DeSantis said.

At a vigil on Monday, DeSantis promised that “we are not going to allow our HBCUs to be targets for hateful scumbags.”

DeSantis was referring to Edward Waters University, the historically black college near where the shooting took place.

“I’ve directed my administration to use every resource available to ensure the Edward Waters campus is safe following this shooting and to help the impacted families as they mourn their loved ones,” he said.

But Democrats are quick to exploit a tragedy for political gain.

And Democrat State Representative Angie Nixon placed the blame directly at the feet of Ron DeSantis.

In an interview with MSNBC’s Yasmin Vossoughian, Nixon accused DeSantis of leading “an all-out attack on the black community with his anti-woke policies.”

“This is a Governor who has done nothing but fan these types of happenings throughout our state,” Nixon said. “At the end of the day, the Governor has blood on his hands.”

She went on to accuse him of putting out “dog whistles to get folks up and riled up in the way in which it just happened.”

“He is one of the causes to this,” Nixon ranted. “This is an agenda that he has been pushing since he got into office.”

Of course, Nixon blaming the tragedy on DeSantis is outright disgusting and absurd.

But Democrats are vicious.

They consider Ron DeSantis a top enemy.

And there is no line too far for them to cross if they believe it’ll help them take down Ron DeSantis.

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