A deranged lunatic was busted butt-naked in broad daylight living out his wild delusion

Jun 13, 2024

Mama always warned “nothing good happens after 2AM.” 

Except one man did not seem to get the late-night memo. 

And this deranged lunatic was busted butt-naked in broad daylight living out his wild delusion. 

A naked man exposed for the world to see

Damion Lee Methena. A 45-year-old, had the grand ol’ desire to become famous.

But in his mind, he already was.

So, on a bright and early Saturday morning, Damion decided to stand in the middle of an intersection.

But he was not begging for funds to help bring his famous dream into fruition.

Instead, Damion was screaming and bouncing on the ground, naked.

What a madman. 

News station WFIE reported a shocked bystander called 911 and reported the man as “butterball” naked.

As families and stunned residents witnessed the deranged lunatic losing it in broad daylight, more 911 calls poured in.

After all, no one (except Damion) thought it was appropriate to stand outside naked and expose oneself to bystanders. 

The “invisible” movie

Law enforcement officers finally arrived and saw Damion screaming naked in the street.

He held a tattered t-shirt which covered his genitals and a pair of black shorts tossed over his shoulder, WFIE reported.


But why was Damion in the middle of an intersection screaming?

And naked?

Police officers wondered the same thing.

After asking Damion to cover up, Damion told officers he was “filming a movie” and pointed to the person filming.

Officers looked at where he was frantically pointing, except no one was there.

It was all in his head.

Clearly the man was intoxicated, but he refused to tell officers what he was on.

It must have been something strong to make him strip naked at 10am on a Saturday morning and roam around outside for the world to see. 

As they assessed the situation, officers claimed Damion continued to switch from extreme highs and lows, from a state of peace to belligerence.

It is a good thing they showed up before he hurt himself or injured someone else.

An image one cannot “unsee”

Damion was arrested and faces charges of public nudity and disorderly conduct.

Witnesses of the event described their distress in having to usher their children inside to avoid the naked intoxicated man screaming in the middle of an intersection.

While it is a common dream of many to “make it big” and “become famous” Damion obviously went about it in the wrong way.

The only “movie” he will star in will be one of internet clips of crazy Americans who do stupid things. 

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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