A DeSantis official revealed an ugly truth about green energy that left Democrats fuming

May 17, 2024

Florida’s sunshine makes it a target for Joe Biden’s green energy revolution.

Now its dark side is being revealed in the Sunshine State.

And a DeSantis official revealed an ugly truth about green energy that left Democrats fuming.

DeSantis official highlights the downside of installing home solar panels

The home solar panel business is booming under President Joe Biden because of generous tax credits from the federal government.

Solar companies have flooded the country with door-to-door salesmen telling homeowners that installing solar panels is a no-lose proposition.

But homeowners are getting more than they bargained for with solar.

Florida Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis pointed out that installing solar panels can drive up the cost of homeowners insurance.

“I’m concerned policy promoting putting solar on roofs makes homes MORE vulnerable to storms, impacting premiums,” Patronis wrote on social media. “The Governor and Legislature are doing amazing work calming Florida’s insurance market.”

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has worked to lower the cost of homeowners insurance that spiked because of natural disasters like hurricanes and floods.

“We need to scrutinize things that make homes more vulnerable – like solar,” Patronis added.

DeSantis official warns about the problems that come with installing solar panels

Residential solar panel installation in some states has surged by more than 1,000% after the spigot of federal money was turned on.

That is why companies are flocking to try and get a piece of this growing market.

But the explosive growth of residential solar panels has opened the door for bad actors.

Solar scams have been on the rise with a surge of reports to the Better Business Bureau.

Patronis warned Floridians to do their due diligence before they sign off on any solar deal.

“Buyer beware when looking into solar panels for your home or business,” Patronis said. “We’ve all seen the dramatic increase in residential solar panel sales throughout Florida, and I believe that there are some serious red flags that consumers need to be leery of including impacts to insurance costs, pushy sales tactics, and cheaply made products imported from China.”

Residential solar panels are typically valued at about $20,000 which has a dramatic effect on insurance.

“In the Florida market, there are only certain insurance companies that cover homes with solar panels, limiting the options of these households right off the bat,” Patronis explained. “Reports show that these homeowners could also see higher premiums over time, due to a need for specialized coverage, or for the replacement of a solar panel because they are outside and are more vulnerable to the elements.”

Rooftop solar panels are sitting ducks in extreme weather conditions especially when they could become a target for flying debris.

“Aside from insurance, the weight of a solar panel could potentially cause structural damage to your roof over time and cause complications when you decide to sell your home,” Patronis continued. “If you already have solar panels, it’s recommended to have a professional roof inspection every few years to ensure that the integrity of your roof is not being impacted.”

Homeowners in Florida who install solar panels are dealing with a new set of headaches for going green.

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