A drunken lunatic pounded one too many shots of Fireball and caused a violent spree of chaos

Jun 28, 2024

Some folks can handle their liquor like a champ.

But then there are those who take a few shots and go off the rails. 

And just wait until you hear about the drunken lunatic who pounded one too many shots of Fireball and caused a violent spree of chaos.

A hit-and-run was only the start

Florida man stories are all the rage these days, but that is because people in Florida are truly in a league of their own.

On a peaceful Sunday afternoon, Cape Coral Police received a call about an out-of-control white pick-up truck ramming into another car and then fleeing the scene.

But the driver of the truck did not stop there.

He sped through a residential neighborhood (with a blown tire) terrorizing residents resulting in more calls to the police, news channel WFLA reported. 

The driver of the truck, Juan Lago, ended up in a Circle K parking lot, dazed and confused.

And that is when things got even more interesting.

One too many shots of Fireball

As police began their investigation, witnesses came forward to report their interactions with the drunken lunatic.

One witness told police Juan bought a shooter of Fireball from the liquor store and came back for more, but the store knew he was drunk and refused to give him any more alcohol.

Juan was furious!

He wanted to drink more and the workers were stopping him.

So, in his anger, he spat at a worker and challenged him to a fight, before bolting out of the store and embarking on his high-speed rampage, reported WFLA.

Another witness was waiting to pull out of her driveway when Juan made a sharp U-turn and headed straight towards her!

He then got out of his car and tried to open her door, banging on her window.

The woman must have been terrified.

After all, it is not every day a madman randomly jumps out of a truck and tries to open the car door of a complete stranger.

Thankfully, the woman’s maintenance worker was there and intervened. 

But Juan was not having it.

Instead of leaving, Juan pulled out a knife and threatened the worker, then punched him in the face before he left.

Even the police were targeted

Police gave Juan a field sobriety test which he clearly failed.

But before police officers could take him to a hospital, Juan headbutted the officer’s chin. 

What a lunatic. 

Juan was arrested and faces charges of three counts of DUI, DUI property damage, hit-and-run, driving with a suspended license, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and battery on a law enforcement officer, WFLA reported. 

Talk about a rap sheet!

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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