A Florida man went through hell after this nightmare scenario on a fishing trip

May 23, 2024

A fishing trip is supposed to be a chance to kick back and relax with friends.

But everything went wrong in an instant when one man fell into the water. 

And a Florida man went through hell after this nightmare scenario on a fishing trip.

Florida man falls into shark-infested waters near a fishing dock

Marlin Wakeman, 24-years-old, grew up around the ocean living in Florida.

But nothing could prepare him for what happened after he fell into the water in the Bahamas.

He was working on a charter fishing boat at a dock at the Flying Fish Marina on Long Island.

Fishermen at the marina would regularly throw fish carcasses into the water which attracted Caribbean reef sharks.

Wakeman botched his jump from the fishing boat to the dock which landed him in the shark-infested waters.

At least 20 reef sharks swarmed him soon after he fell in.

“Everybody keeps asking ‘are you traumatized?'” Wakeman said. “It’s definitely a big scary thing that happened to me, and I’m definitely shaken up from it, but I knew what would happen as soon as I fell in.”

Wakeman said his years of experience in the ocean allowed him to live to tell the tale.

 “I wasn’t really scared at the moment,” Wakeman said. “I just knew I had to get out as quickly as possible. Thankfully, I’m here to tell the story.”

He said that he and his friends had talked about what they would do if they ever fell in the water there.

“There’s at all times 20 sharks roaming around,” Wakeman recalled. “Me and my buddies were talking about like, man, if you fell in here, like, you are done.”

Fishermen throwing scraps into the water around the docks trained the sharks that anything hitting the water is food.

“What we’ve created is if something hits the water they’re going to bite it, whether it’s a stick, a human, a shore power cord that falls in the water,” Wakeman explained. “I realized quickly that this is the last place you want to fall in the water.”

Florida Man finds himself surrounded by hungry sharks

Wakeman was carrying fishing gear from the boat to the dock which caused him to miss the jump.

He managed to get ahold of the side of the boat when a shark bit his leg and pulled him under the water before it let go.

“I got really lucky he didn’t head shake or hold on for a while,” Wakeman said. “And then that’s when I was able to get back up to the surface.”

Another shark bit him on the shoulder while he was trying to get on the boat.

“The one on my shoulder felt like a punch,” Wakeman recalled. “You really don’t feel the teeth going in.”

He was able to pull himself back onto the boat.

“I had so much adrenaline going through my body that it was like a fight or flight kind of thing,” Wakeman said. “I got back into the boat and kind of assessed what happened and looked at my leg. It wasn’t really bleeding yet. It was kind of, you know, all mangled.”

The ship’s captain applied a tourniquet, and he was taken to a local medical clinic.

Damage control was done on his wounds, and he was flown to a hospital back in Florida.

Doctors there estimate that the shark who bit him was five to seven feet.

And it was a miracle that he did not lose his leg.

But he is expected to make a full recovery after some rehab work.

Wakeman said that the experience will not slow him down and that he is ready to get back to the ocean.

“Maybe I’ll have some nightmares here and there, but I think I’ll be all right,” Wakeman said. 

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