A Florida sheriff gave new Democrat residents one scary message that they will hate

May 20, 2024

Florida has had a massive population boom under Governor Ron DeSantis.

Blue state refugees are voting with their feet to seek a better life.

And a Florida sheriff gave new Democrat residents one scary message that they will hate.

Florida is a law and order state under Ron DeSantis

Florida has avoided the crime wave that swept over most of the country beginning in 2020.

The destructive Black Lives Matter riots that had cities burning across America skipped the Sunshine State.

Crime in the state is at a 50-year low under Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

DeSantis has sent the message that Florida is a law and order state.

Sheriffs in the Sunshine State are the tip of the spear in fighting crime.

Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno, a native New Yorker, slammed Democrat-controlled cities for their soft-on-crime policies.

He said that in Lee County, his office is cracking down on criminals.

“My message… is clear,” Marceno told Fox News Digital. “If you think you can deal poison and commit crime, stay clear of Lee County and all the great state of Florida. We’re ready, and we will absolutely find you, hunt you down, and charge you to force the extent of the law.”

Marceno explained that he has seen residents of New York and California move to Florida because of the safety that DeSantis’ tough-on-crime policies provide but who continue to vote Democrat.

“They want to leave California. They want to leave New York,” Marceno explained. “Okay. And then they come down to a state like Florida, where we are law and order, and they don’t change their views.”

Florida sheriff tells Democrats who do not change their ways to go home

Marceno said that new residents from states like California and New York sometimes do not learn from the failed policies that ruined the states they left.

“You left a place where there’s havoc, where people can rob, steal, loot, do drugs in safe havens,” Marceno said. “And then you’re upset that it’s so bad there, and you come here and still do the same thing. Same action, same result.”

The Lee County Sheriff had a blunt message for Democrats fleeing crime-plagued areas.

Support law and order or go back home.

“I tell people all the time, and it’s probably not popular to some,” Marceno remarked. “You don’t like living with law and order, have a nice day. Leave. Go back to where you came from because we don’t want you here.”

“We welcome everyone to our great state of Florida,” Marceno continued. “But if you think lawlessness leads the way, if you believe that criminals should roam the streets and steal and rob and, God forbid, deal poison to the streets and kill innocent people, you’re not the person we want here. You can go back and live with lawlessness.”

Marceno has built a following on social media for videos of his sheriff’s office going on drug raids.

He warns criminals that he has a place waiting for them at the Lee County jail nicknamed Marceno Motel.

Sheriffs in the Sunshine State are not pulling any punches when it comes to dealing with criminals.

Santa Rosa County Sheriff Bob Johnson went viral on social media for an April 2022 press conference where he encouraged people to shoot home intruders.

“If someone is breaking into your house, you’re more than welcome to shoot,” Johnson said. “We prefer you to do that, actually.”

Florida is sending a blunt message that crime will not be tolerated.

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