A Florida sheriff has one scary game show for criminals that they are going to hate

Jun 19, 2024

Florida became a law and order state under the leadership of Governor Ron DeSantis.

Law enforcement in the Sunshine State is ready to drop the hammer on criminals. 

And a Florida sheriff has one scary game show for criminals that they are going to hate. 

No-nonsense Florida sheriff is making life miserable for criminals

A Florida sheriff does not pull any punches when he calls criminals residing in his county “idiots” and “dirtbags.” 

Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey told Fox News Digital that he has been referred to as “the most politically incorrect sheriff in the country” for his no-holds-barred style when fighting crime.

He attended a national law enforcement convention where some new-age sociology types told him to refer to the incarcerated as “clients” instead of “inmates.”

 “I looked at him like he had two heads because they are inmates, they’re dirtbags, they’re criminals,” Ivey recalled. “They’re in jail for a reason. If you’re a criminal, you’re an idiot. That’s just the best way I can put it.”

“Nobody twisted your arm and told you to go break the law,” Ivey continued. “You made that decision. You made that choice. So, I don’t have remorse for you.”

Florida criminals can play Sheriff’s Wheel of Fugitive game

Ivey has become well known for the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office’s creative use of social media.

His office plays “Wheel of Fugitive” where they figure out who they will arrest that day.

The sheriff has no time for critics of his tough-on-crime approach.

“Probably the most politically incorrect thing that I do is I respond to people on Facebook, and I’ll tell them, ‘Shut up. Stop whining.’ If you don’t like what we do, don’t follow our page,” Ivey explained. “Go somewhere else. But if you’re here, then you need to understand that we are going to put bad people in jail, and we’re never, ever going to apologize for it.”

For hardened criminals, he launched the Sheriff’s High Intensity Target to take people to the county jail which is known as “Ivey’s Iron Bar Lodge.”

“I’ll let you do the acronym of Sheriff High Intensity Target,” Ivey explained. “But it’s houses where we respond 80 times for calls for service because the citizens or the neighbors are complaining about them.”

The unit’s top targets are gangs and drug dealers.

“We shut them down,” Ivey said. “We don’t mince words here. I mean it. If you don’t come outside, we are going to kick your door in, and we’re going to drag you out in the yard, and all your neighbors and family are going to see you getting cuffed and going to jail.”

Dealing with criminals all day is a hard job, but the sheriff’s office tries to have some fun with it.

“We mix a little bit of humor in most of our stuff. I find that the citizens accept that because they know we have fun and do our jobs. And some people get a little offended,” Ivey stated. “I don’t apologize for putting bad people in jail. I don’t care if their feelings get hurt.”

The latest program he has in the works is “Mess Around and Find Out.”

“We’ve often thought about getting t-shirts made to give to the criminals when they get out that says, ‘I messed around in Brevard County and found out,'” Ivey said. “What’s ironic is those that are sitting in our jail right now, I can walk through that jail, and they all respect me. They all know we don’t play.”

Wheel of Fugitive is a game show held every week to figure out who the sheriff’s office will arrest that day.

“The Wheel of Fugitive started because I was talking to a civic group one day, and I was telling them about how many fugitives we had. I kind of jokingly said my idea is to have a big giant wheel and spin it, whoever it lands on that’s who we’re arresting that day. Well, everybody applauded, and so I decided to field test it,” Ivey explained. 

His game show has about an 88% success rate according to the sheriff.

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