A Florida woman experienced an animal attack out of a horror movie by this pest

Apr 16, 2024

It was one woman’s worst nightmare come true.

She was in the fight of her life with the last thing she ever expected.

And a Florida woman experienced an animal attack out of a horror movie by this pest.

Real-life horror movie unfolds in Florida

A senior citizen in Florida was sent to the hospital after she survived a terrifying attack from an unusually large raccoon.

Her neighbor, who helped subdue the animal, described what he saw as something “out of a horror movie.”

A 75-year-old woman and her dog in St. Augustine, Florida, had to fight off a rampaging 30-pound raccoon that had followed them into their home.

For over an hour, the furry intruder chased her around the house and bit her multiple times during the encounter.

John Ness, the woman’s friend and neighbor told News4JAX that around 8:00 pm he heard blood-curdling screams coming from her house, so he went to investigate.

He ran into the woman’s home and began to fight with the enormous blood-thirsty raccoon.

“Once he was inside the house, that’s when all the real problems started because we couldn’t get him out and he was on top of me,” Ness said. “I actually had a butcher knife that was this big, and I used it. It’s something right out of a horror movie. I actually used the knife when he was on me to stab it continuously until he finally got off me.”

Ness called 911 after he got out of the house.

“He was big and very powerful, and it was definitely something that I’ve never seen before,” Ness added.

The woman told him that she had seen the raccoon on the porch of her house, and it somehow managed to get into her house after she went indoors.

Florida Wildlife Officials to the rescue

Florida Fish and Wildlife officers were dispatched to corral the raccoon with a long pole that had a loop.

Once they got it outside, an officer shot it dead.

The woman suffered a nasty bite that required her to be taken to an area hospital overnight, where she was tested for rabies.

Her dog was bitten but appeared to be okay, according to Ness, and had its rabies vaccine.

It is being taken to the vet as a precautionary measure.

The woman faced the nightmare scenario of battling a raccoon that weighed twice as much as a typical one and was almost certainly rabid.

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