A home invader’s strange behavior left one Florida woman in a state of confusion

May 24, 2024

A 2023 report by SafeWise, a safety and home security site, showed burglaries are the most worrisome property crime for Americans.

But burglary is not the only reason for breaking into a home.

And this home invader’s strange behavior left one Florida woman in a state of confusion.

Joe Biden’s Presidency has been a disaster for the country on multiple fronts.

Inflation is high, the economy is on the brink of collapse, record numbers of illegal aliens have entered the country, and there’s chaos in the Middle East and Ukraine.

But skyrocketing crime is one of the biggest problems of Joe Biden’s Presidency.

Cities across the country are seeing record crime rates since Biden took office.

According to a SafeWise report, new burglaries happen at a rate of two per minute in the United States.

In 2022, 847,522 burglaries were reported to the FBI.

An estimated $463,576,405,747 worth of property was stolen in the United States in 2022.

But not all home invaders are there to steal property or harm the residents.

And that is what happened last Wednesday in Naples, Florida when 47-year-old Natalie Slavek entered a residence without permission.

The 79-year-old woman who owns the home was shocked when Slavek, a total stranger, entered the house and greeted her with a hug.

The stranger sat down in a chair for a little bit and then decided to rest in one of the home’s beds.

After she rested in bed, Slavek went outside and took a dip in the swimming pool.

After Slavek left the house without saying a word, the confused 79-year-old homeowner called the local police department.

“The suspect, later identified as Natalie Lynn Slavek, entered the residence without permission and gave an unwanted hug to a resident,” the Naples Police Department wrote in a press release. “Slavek then made herself at home by sitting on a chair in the living room, resting on a bed for several minutes, then proceeding to jump in their pool, all before leaving the residence.” 

Fortunately, the resident was left unharmed by the invasion.

But Slavek was still arrested and charged with “trespassing in an occupied structure.”

“Slavek is a resident of unincorporated Collier County who is currently on state probation for a 2020 offense of resisting an officer with violence,” the police report added. “Slavek, who operates the social media company ‘Natalie Knows Naples’, didn’t ‘know’ the residents of the house she unlawfully entered, and as a result, was placed under arrest for trespassing in an occupied structure, a violation of Florida State Statute 810.08(2)(b), on May 15, 2024.”

No motive was given as to why Slavek entered a stranger’s home and proceeded to act like she had lived there her entire life.

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