A naked angry woman stormed around the airport and passengers were flabbergasted

Jun 20, 2024

Sometimes air travel can be stressful.

But for one woman, she took out her travel woes in the most bizarre way ever.

And passengers were flabbergasted as they watched an angry woman storm around the airport naked. 

Taking everything off

Air travel is a necessary evil.

Rarely does airport travel go smoothly.

In fact, travel can be rather annoying.

Whether it is delayed flights, or grubby TSA agents rummaging through personal belongings and confiscating “contraband” like a tube of toothpaste.

International travel adds a whole other layer of chaos with language barriers and different rules.

But for one passenger, she simply could not deal with her airport experience, so she responded in the strangest way ever.

Thuytrang Nguyen, 34, was looking forward to returning home to Vietnam after a fun vacation in the Philippines.

But apparently Nguyen overstayed her visa and was asked to pay a fine.

Irritating, sure.

However, Nguyen refused to pay it and became angry.

But Nguyen was more than irritated, she was FURIOUS.

And she was determined to make sure everyone knew it.

She continued to protest and reiterated she would not pay the fine.

But she did not stop there.

After disappearing into the restroom, Nguyen emerged again to continue with her objections.

Except this time, she was completely naked. 


Not a shred of clothing remained on her body.

And it was videotaped for the world to see.

A viral video captured the incident

After Nguyen began running around the airport fully nude, airport staff and passengers were dumbfounded.

They did not know what to do.

But the authorities in charge knew they had to stop her as she was making quite the disturbance.

Nguyen was unhinged and could not keep it together.

Determined to calm down the out-of-control passenger, airport guards gave her food, drink and clothes, The New York Post reported.

Luckily, getting some food and drink into the woman seemed to relax her a little bit.

Kind of.

But due to her behavior, she was prevented from leaving because she was deemed “psychologically incapacitated,” The Manila Times reported.

Well clearly.

Airport staff can be obnoxious and irritating for sure.

But most people keep their heads down with the goal of getting through security as fast as possible to get to their destination without any interruptions.

To strip off all of one’s clothing and run around the airport naked is not a normal response.

But in Nguyen’s mind it was perfectly acceptable.

Eventually, the next day Nguyen’s visa issues were settled and after passing a medical exam she was allowed to return home, The Manila Times reported.

Apparently on the plane ride home, Nguyen was calm enough to keep her clothes on this time. 

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