A new chamber poll revealed what Floridians think about Ron DeSantis

Jan 19, 2024

One thing is certain, Ron DeSantis is a fearless leader who gets things done. 

But do Floridians still like him?

A new chamber poll just revealed what Floridians really think about Ron DeSantis. 

DeSantis fights for Floridians

As Governor, DeSantis proved he will always stand up for the people of Florida against the woke mob.

From protecting young girls from LGBT predators to putting an end to racist critical race theory in schools, DeSantis is not one to shy away from a fight.

And when Republican Governors in other states, like Ohio’s Mike DeWine started to compromise on life, DeSantis held his ground and signed the Florida Heartbeat Act into law.

President Trump claimed DeSantis’ bill was “too extreme”.

But DeSantis continued to defend life and the right for babies to be born. 

With so much controversy, liberal pundits claim DeSantis is simply “out-of-touch” with the people of Florida.

But have DeSantis’ hardline conservative policies alienated or invigorated Floridians?

The Florida Chamber of Commerce took a poll to find out.

Still their beloved Governor

The Florida Chamber of Commerce’s poll found 50-percent of Florida voters still hold a favorable view of DeSantis, Florida Politics reported.

And among Republicans, it’s even higher with 86 percent supporting him.

Even more incredible, 52 percent of Hispanic voter’s support DeSantis.

He must be doing something right! 

Biden on the hand did not poll so well.

His disapproval fell from 56 percent to 59 percent.

But with Biden’s tax-and-spend agenda and woke policies, it’s not surprising Floridians don’t like him.

When asked if Biden should get a second term, 93 percent of Republicans, 71 percent of no-party voters, and 35 percent of Democrats said no, the poll reported.

Biden may think he has the Hispanic vote, but the same poll revealed 73 percent of Hispanics stated they would not support Biden’s re-election, Florida Politics reported.

DeSantis’ model works

RINOS like Nikki Haley think the path towards victory is caving on conservative principles and being all things to all people.

Other Governors like Mike DeWine feel “compromising” on protecting children against gender “transitions” is the only way forward. 

But as history has shown time and again, a moderate politician who is willing to cave and follow culture doesn’t maintain a loyal following.

Voters want someone they know is going to stand up to the status quo and fight to protect their interests, regardless of what the liberal elite thinks should be done. 

And time and again, DeSantis has shown his conservative principles guide the way he governs. 

Whether it’s pushing back against leftist Disney execs, radical teachers’ unions, or standing up to rogue drag queens seeking to corrupt young children, DeSantis is in it for the long haul.

If he does not end up making it as the Republican nominee for President this cycle, Florida is certainly happy to keep him as their beloved Governor. 

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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