A new poll out of Florida shows why Republicans in Congress should follow Ron DeSantis’ lead

Aug 23, 2022

Most politicians are hesitant to rock the boat and take on controversial fights during an election year.

But not Ron DeSantis.

And a new poll out of Florida shows why Republicans in Congress should follow Ron DeSantis’ lead.

Joe Biden’s Presidency has been a total disaster.

The economy hit a recession, inflation soared to 40-year highs, the situation at the border turned into a full-blown catastrophe, and crime surged to record levels.

Since Midterm elections historically serve as a referendum on the President’s political Party, Joe Biden’s string of failures should translate into massive losses for Democrats in November.

However, led by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, RINOs in the Senate refused to stand up and fight Joe Biden’s radical agenda.

Instead, the RINOs dealt a blow to conservative momentum by cutting a deal with Democrats to pass the largest expansion of gun control in American history.

McConnell also refused to do everything within his power to block, obstruct, and hold up the trillions of dollars in socialist spending Chuck Schumer and the Democrats rammed through the Senate.

Republicans selling out on gun control and spending, combined with a number of weak Senate candidates in key battleground states, took away the huge advantage the GOP held over Democrats in the polls.

But even though Democrats are gaining ground on Republicans in Congressional elections, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis continues to rise in the polls after spending the past two years leading the fight against the radical Left.

A new poll by the Chamber of Commerce shows DeSantis leading Democrat Charlie Crist by 8% (51%-43%) and Nikki Fried by 7% (50%-43%) in a hypothetical head-to-head matchup.

The poll also found that the majority of Floridians approve of the job DeSantis is doing as Governor.

“The Florida Chamber poll also found that Governor Ron DeSantis has high job approval numbers, while President Joe Biden’s job approval numbers have plummeted,” the Chamber wrote in a press release.

“More than half of voters (54%) approve of the job Ron DeSantis is doing as Governor, with 88% of Republicans and 52% of NPAs approving of his job as Governor,” the release continued. “The Governor has an overwhelming approval amongst Hispanic voters with 65% approving of his performance and only 32% disapproving.”

McConnell and the RINOs cut deals with Democrats and refused to fight for conservative values.

Ron DeSantis took the opposite approach and took the lead on important fights against the radical Left.

And he’s being rewarded for it in the polls while McConnell and Congressional Republicans are paying the price.

The Chamber of Commerce poll found that inflation and food prices were by far the most important issues facing voters this fall.

If McConnell and the RINOs would have been willing to stand and fight like Ron DeSantis did, it would have made the Midterms a referendum on Joe Biden’s inflationary crisis, resulting in massive losses for Democrats.

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