A Newsom vs. DeSantis battle could be the war we’ve been preparing for

Oct 31, 2022

The days of “compassionate conservatism” are over.

In fact, to the leftists they were never really here.

And now a Newsom vs. DeSantis battle could be the war we’ve been preparing for.

Most political observers are waiting to see what will happen this November, and what Trump will do in 2024.

But meanwhile there is a war raging across the country that is far more important than one election cycle or one President.

And as it stands right now, Governor Ron DeSantis is leading the forces of good who are preparing for battle against the dark forces of evil.

And the politician leading the dark forces is none other than Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom of California.

At least, that is the view of Ross Douthat whose recent piece in The New York Times is titled “Newsom vs. DeSantis is our inevitable culture war.”

And it happens to be the view of a growing list of astute political animals.

As Douthat points out, the culture war is actually already here.

We see it every day in many of our nation’s newspapers, on TV, and of course on the Internet and in social media.

But more importantly, there is a growing divide on issues like the Second Amendment, freedom of speech, and of course abortion.

And there are more and more examples of politics turning violent.

For example, just since the leak of the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision, which eventually overturned Roe v. Wade, there have been no less than 75 attacks on pro-life organizations and churches across the nation.

These attacks include vandalism, arson, graffiti, and at least one firebombing.

A group calling itself Jane’s Revenge has taken responsibility for some of the attacks.

And attacks on pro-life individuals are increasing as well.

A young volunteer for Students for Life was attacked while going door-to-door and pro-life college students have come under increasingly violent attacks.

Of course, there have also been the death threats against conservative Supreme Court justices and leaders of pro-life groups and pro-life politicians.

The FBI says they are investigating many of these attacks, but so far it has not made any arrests – even though Jane’s Revenge has taken credit for most of them.

Meanwhile the FBI seems to be relishing in going after pro-life activists, including 87-year-old Holocaust survivors, and Catholic leaders and family men.

To most honest people it sure appears as if Joe Biden’s DOJ is actively working to target pro-life activists for arrest while radical leftists and abortion mill activists are left to continue their acts of violence.

These facts, and others like them led Douthat to write, “Consider one of the sharpest contrasts in our national life right now: the difference between Gov. Ron DeSantis and Gov. Gavin Newsom, Florida and California. In liberal polemic, DeSantis is the frightening embodiment of illiberalism after Donald Trump, a punitive practitioner of governmental overreach — using the powers of his office to go after corporations that speak out on liberal causes, undermining free speech in Florida universities, threatening unjust restrictions on medical care for gender-dysphoric kids.”

Then Douthat points out the opposite side of the culture war coin, “. . . consider the position of a social or religious conservative in California in recent years. A recent summary from David French, himself no partisan of the populist right, is a good place to start: He writes that ‘over the last decade, California Democrats have launched their own frontal attack on the First Amendment, one that matches or exceeds Gov. DeSantis’ in both intensity and scale.’”

Douthat points out some of the most onerous attempts in California including attempts to force pro-life pregnancy centers to advertise abortions, COVID restrictions on religious services (since struck down by the Supreme Court), requirements that churches provide abortion coverage in their health plans and prohibitions on state-sponsored travel to any states California deems hostile to gay rights (currently at 23).

And that’s only a few of the major issues dividing us.

Douthat points out others, like diversity-equity-inclusion oaths, or the new California law threatening doctors with disciplinary action if they offer so-called COVID “misinformation” to their patients.

Douthat asks how this cycle of division can be broken and he surmises that for better or worse, the future peace in the nation could depend upon the coming battle between DeSantis and Newsom.

Unfortunately, Douthat misses the major point that the radical Left is out for actual war, and the coming battle between DeSantis and Newsom is but one battle in that war, which has raged for decades and will continue to rage until socialism is stamped out.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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