A rejected man with a bruised ego got behind the wheel of the car and it did not end well

Jun 19, 2024

One cocky guy thought he had all the right moves to get the girl.

But he was wrong.

And after he was rejected, he got behind the wheel of a car with a bruised ego, and it did not end well.

The beast did not get the beauty this time

There is always that “one guy” who thinks he is smooth enough to land the unattainable girl.

It happens over and over.

A creepy guy chases down a beautiful girl.

She rejects him, he sulks, and takes out his pain on the world.

Except this time, the creepy guy was targeting a young girl, and dad got involved.


Do not mess with a grown man’s daughter.

It will not end well.


Just leave the girl alone

31-year-old Juan Matos entered a Walgreens and began making unwanted sexual advances towards a juvenile cashier asking her if she wished to “lay with him,” Fox 35 reported. 


Clearly, she rejected him.

Every young woman will tell you there is nothing worse than getting hit on by a creepy older guy. 

But Juan could not take the hint.

He escalated his behavior and started threatening the terrified young girl.

Not knowing what to do, she called her dad, knowing he would save the day.

Sure enough, dad showed up at the store, and along with the store manager, they asked Juan to leave, and even followed him to the parking lot to make sure he did.

Juan left all right, but he was determined to have the last word.

With his car.

Well, that escalated quick

Juan’s ego was bruised, and he was furious!

He just could not stand the rejection.

So, he reversed his car quickly, and then had another idea.

He accelerated and drove his car trying to run over the store manager and the young girl’s dad.

They were able to jump out of the way to avoid getting hurt by this crazy lunatic.

When police officers finally tracked down Juan, he got out of his car and said, “I have a problem.”

After spewing curse words at the police, a later police interview stated Juan told them he was upset at the “crazy lady” at Walgreens.

Yeah, okay.

It is always the girl who is “crazy” for pushing back against unwanted sexual advances from a creep.

Juan also told the police the girl’s father “hit his car.”

When the police tried to clarify, the real truth came out.

Juan finally admitted that the father did not hit the car, but that Juan was the one “trying to hit him with the car,” Fox 35 reported.

And now, Juan is being held without bond due to previous violations with cocaine.

Lay off the powder, man. 

It’s a good thing dad had quick reflexes and was not run over by the car.

And let this be a lesson to any creepy dude, if you mess with a man’s daughter it will not end well.

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