A tennis star was speechless after this attack on Ron DeSantis blew up in her face

May 30, 2024

Ron DeSantis is used to having the Left trying to pick a fight with him.

It usually does not end up going well for them.

And a tennis star was speechless after this attack on Ron DeSantis blew up in her face.

Woke tennis star attacks Florida and Ron DeSantis

Tennis star Coco Gauff is the third-ranked women’s player in the world and the reigning U.S. Open champion.

She also happens to be an uninformed woke athlete.

The 20-year-old Gauff,  who lives in Florida, used an interview with the Associated Press to go off on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and the current political climate in the state.

“We aren’t happy with the current state of our government in Florida, especially everything with the books and just the way our office operates,” Gauff told the Associated Press.

DeSantis signed a law that allowed parents to challenge sexually explicit books from being used in their children’s classrooms.

Democrats and their media allies falsely portrayed it as a mass book banning.

“At the end of the day, it comes down to the youth and the community being outspoken,” Gauff said. “So I encourage everyone to vote and use your voice regardless of who you vote for. There’s no point in complaining (about) the political climate of the world if you don’t exercise your right to vote.”

Gauff gave a speech at a Black Lives Matter rally in 2020 in her hometown of Delray Beach, Florida.

“I feel like sometimes in my generation, people think their vote doesn’t count,” Gauff explained. “We should just all just use our voices and use the power that we have.”

Gauff claimed it is “a crazy time to be a Floridian, especially a Black one at that.”

She passed on the opportunity to endorse anyone for the 2024 Election.

“I’ll leave who I vote to myself,” Gauff said. “I’m not publicly backing any candidate.”

DeSantis officials fire back at Coco Gauff

The DeSantis camp was not going to let the broadside from Coco Gauff go unanswered.

“It is definitely ‘a crazy time to be a Floridian,’ with the number one economy in the nation, the best state for education and parental empowerment (with no banned books), record-breaking tourism, and being the number one destination for Americans leaving other states behind,” Deputy Press Secretary Julia Friedland told DailyMail.com in a statement. “With the leadership of Governor DeSantis, Florida is thriving.”

Gauff might be unhappy about Florida’s government but not enough to leave the state.

Democrats and their media allies constantly attack Florida and manufacture controversies under DeSantis.

The implication from the national media is that Florida is a terrible place to live because of him.

But Americans are voting with their feet to move there because of the quality of life.

During the pandemic, numerous Democrats would bash DeSantis for keeping the state open but get caught vacationing in Florida like Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D).

The Left likes to bash Florida but they never put their money where their mouth is.

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