A top Democrat made a confession about Ron DeSantis that revealed a stunning truth

Aug 24, 2023

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is still top of the mind for national Democrats.

Despite his struggles in the Presidential race, the Left still views him as a threat.

And a top Democrat made a confession about Ron DeSantis that revealed a stunning truth.

Control of both Houses of the Virginia legislature are up for grabs this November.

Glenn Youngkin became the first Republican to win the Virginia Gubernatorial election since 2009 and now Youngkin is looking to flip control of both chambers to GOP hands as a springboard to enact his agenda and potentially launch a late Presidential bid.

Youngkin won in 2021 on a backlash to COVID lockdowns and woke ideology in schools as Virginia became Ground Zero for parents protesting mask mandates and Critical Race Theory in the classroom.

Now Democrats are terrified about what unified GOP control of state government would mean in the Old Dominion.

Virginia Senator Tim Kaine warned NBC’s Meet the Press that Youngkin would follow the Florida model enacted by Governor DeSantis to expunge woke ideology from the classroom and protect parent’s rights in education.

“You think about a DeSantis model,” Kaine began. “I think Governor Youngkin has often talked about Governor DeSantis in Florida as a kind of role model for him as a Governor.”

Kaine then falsely claimed Youngkin and DeSantis supported banning books when in reality what they support is making sure the books used in classroom curriculum actually help children learn and not pornography or woke brainwashing on Critical Race Theory and transgenderism.

“With two Republican houses . . . you see efforts around Virginia in some local school jurisdictions to ban books, pull books out of school libraries, pull books out of the public library system” Kaine continued.

Finally, Kaine whined that Youngkin and a GOP state legislature would copy DeSantis in passing Pro-Life and election integrity legislation.

“You will see an effort to end Virginia’s status as the only Southern state that follows Roe v. Wade, and you’ll see efforts to dramatically change voting rules,” Kaine concluded.

Every Republican Governor should be copying the agenda DeSantis enacted in Florida.

DeSantis removed Soros-backed prosecutors, signed Pro-Life legislation, banned woke ideology from the classroom and prevented local jurisdictions from enacting COVID mask and vaccine mandates.

Kaine’s warning about Virginia is likely only going to spur Republican turnout as the Florida model is what GOP voters want their elected officials to follow.

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