A top Democrat’s racist comment will make your jaw drop

May 19, 2023

Politicians usually bend over backwards to avoid making comments that anyone could even mistake for being racist.

But when it comes to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Democrats just cannot help themselves.

A top Democrat’s racist comment will make your jaw drop.

Failed gubernatorial candidate and current Florida Democrat Party chairwoman Nikki Fried found herself in the soup after racist comments on MSNBC implying only Hispanics pick crops in the field.

Fried’s bigoted rant came during an appearance on Joy Reid’s MSNBC show where the two discussed legislation Governor DeSantis signed making it more difficult for illegal aliens to enter the state of Florida.

“800,000 migrants are going to leave the state of Florida,” Fried raged. “I don’t know who is going to be doing the picking of the fields during the harvest and who is building all these new homes for everybody who is moving to our state.”

The DeSantis backed legislation imposes “[h]arsher penalties for transporting undocumented immigrants into Florida,” “[i]nvalidates driver’s licenses” for illegal aliens and, requires hospitals that receive Medicaid funding to check the citizenship status of patients and provides $12 million in funding for flights “to send migrants out of Florida.”

Fried actually complained that the bill DeSantis signed would drive all illegal aliens out of Florida.

“They’re all going to be gone,” Fried whined.

Fried then falsely claimed making it more difficult for illegal aliens to live in Florida would cripple the economy.

“And he’s going to have crippled our economy because he’s got such a distaste and distrust for people that don’t look like him and pray like him,” Fried continued.

Reid – who many critics consider the most racist host on cable news – readily agreed and baselessly claimed DeSantis wanted to create a “Christian white ethno state” in Florida.

Democrats continued to make fools of themselves with their racist notions about illegal aliens being a permanent class of serfs whose only purpose was to serve left-wing urban elites when former Democrat National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz raged that no one would be around to do menial jobs if DeSantis succeeded in driving illegal aliens from Florida.

“I mean you’re going to have vegetables rotting in the field, you’re going to have construction sites that will lie dormant, or certainly will struggle to get workers to help make sure that they can make progress,” Wasserman Shultz exclaimed.

Republicans continue to make gains with Hispanic voters.

In the 2022 Midterms, the GOP won 39 percent of the Latino vote.

These gains are due in large part to the fact that Latino voters oppose open borders and amnesty while also rejecting the Democrats’ patronizing views about their community.

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