A top real estate investor uttered two words about New York that left Ron DeSantis smiling

Feb 29, 2024

New York became a full-blown banana republic, targeting Donald Trump.

The ripple effect of that decision has major implications for Florida. 

And a top real estate investor uttered two words about New York that left Ron DeSantis smiling.

Former President Donald Trump and the Trump Organization were hit with a nearly $360 million fine from a Democrat New York judge as part of the business fraud civil lawsuit brought against them by Democrat New York Attorney General Letitia James.

This political witch hunt claimed that Trump defrauded banks but none of them claimed that they were victims during the trial.

Doing lawful business in New York was turned into fraud by a rogue attorney general because she wanted to get Trump.

The Trump civil suit revealed that anyone doing business in New York could be targeted by the state for their political beliefs.

Top real estate investor bailing on New York after Trump ruling

Real estate investor Grant Cardone told Fox & Friends that he was going to “immediately discontinue” business in New York City after the verdict in the business fraud case against Donald Trump.

He said that his company was going to look for new opportunities in Florida and Texas as a result.

“We thought this year was the opportunity to come into Chicago, California, and New York City. I’ve been waiting for 40 years now to invest in that marketplace. I was completely confident this was the year to come,” Cardone told Steve Doocy on Fox & Friends. “And when that ruling happened, it was like, pencils down. Don’t touch it. Don’t go there.”

Cardone said the Trump ruling “outweighs the opportunities” of doing business in New York.

“We invest for 14,000 investors at Cardone Capital that depend on cash flow. And if I can’t predict the cash flow because of some ruling, or because of the migrants, or because I can’t evict people, New York City just keeps doing every single thing they can to sell real estate in Florida, not sell real estate in New York,” Cardone said.

New York sent a message that was loud and clear to the business community 

Business community ready to bail on New York

Cardone predicted that “nobody” in real estate investing would put “big money” into New York after the Trump ruling.

“We were going to put $1 billion in New York City this year. We were going to put $1 billion in Chicago and maybe another billion in Los Angeles. And we won’t touch any of them now,” Cardone said. “Texas, Florida, Arizona: Go hard, go big and go long.”

O’Leary Ventures head and Shark Tank star Kevin O’Leary also said he was finished with investing money in New York.

“New York was already a loser state like California is a loser state. There are many loser states because of policy, high taxes, or uncompetitive regulations,” O’Leary told Fox News. “I would never invest in New York now. And I’m not the only person saying that.”

New York Democrats turned the state into a banana republic to get Donald Trump and that move will send real estate investment money fleeing to Florida.

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