A top rival just made a surprising admission about Ron DeSantis and 2024

Aug 11, 2022

2024 contenders are already jockeying for positions.

No one is even waiting for 2022 to end.

And this top rival just made a surprising admission about Ron DeSantis and 2024.

Democrats continue to make clear that they see Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as the most dangerous Republican in America.

Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker is one of the many Democrats making it no secret that he believes Joe Biden will not run for re-election.

Pritzker takes all the classic steps a potential White House contender makes.

The Illinois Democrat lined up travel to key early primary states like New Hampshire.

And Pritzker – who is an heir to one of America’s most vast fortunes – sought to build good will across the Democrat Party by spreading his money around during the Midterms.

Pritzker cut a $2,000,000 check to the Democratic Governors Association and $250,000 checks to various state parties in key battlegrounds.

But Pritzker has one Republican at the top of his list for defeat – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

In an interview with POLITICO, Pritzker claimed he wanted to defeat Pro-Life Republicans like DeSantis to send a message.

“There’s a human cry because rights that everyone thought were well-established for 50 years are going away in some places,” Pritzker ranted. “For me, I’m just doubling-down my support for pro-choice candidates, particularly governors who will have an enormous impact on the future of women’s reproductive rights until we can pass a federal law guaranteeing those rights.”

But Pritzker is not going after just any Republicans.

Pritzker admitted a modicum of defeat by telling POLITICO he would not play in Governor’s races where Republicans held a supermajority in the state legislature and could override a Governor’s veto.

“It’s not a supermajority Republican legislature. So if we can help reelect Tony Evers and keep the legislature under a supermajority, then we’ll have a Governor fighting to make the state pro-choice,” Pritzker added.

There could not be two more opposite Governors in America.

In addition to backing abortion-on-demand, Pritzker backed lengthy lockdowns and mask mandates during COVID.

And Pritzker believes in banning and confiscating firearms.

Governor DeSantis opposes all of those assaults on American freedom.

And if DeSantis runs against a Democrat like Pritzker who wants to close schools and business while forcing Americans to wear masks the American people will face the clearest choice between the vision of the two parties in decades.

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