A wild dispute over a basketball hoop had a shocking ending that will leave you bewildered

May 17, 2024

Neighborly disputes over property lines are a common occurrence.

But when one Florida man got upset about a basketball hoop allegedly infringing on his private property, he lost his mind.

And a wild dispute over a basketball hoop had a shocking ending that will leave you bewildered.

A deadly game of basketball

A peaceful spring night in Florida ended with two dead bodies and a neighborhood still in shock.

It all started when 63-year-old Norman Scott became furious with his two neighbors Tara and Taylor because he thought part of their basketball hoop was on his property.

Property disputes happen all the time, and usually neighbors work it out.

Sometimes angry neighbors get aggressive and cut branches off a tree lingering on their property or knock down a fence to prove a point.

But Norman Scott took things to a whole other level.

Video footage revealed Scott was motioning Taylor to come over to his house and talk about the basketball hoop.

A verbal exchange occurred, and it seemed the men could not agree on a resolution.

But the conversation took a deadly turn when Scott grabbed a handgun and shot Taylor.

Taylor was shown backing away with both hands raised yet Scott shot him multiple times, ending Taylor’s life.

Tara was on her own property and was retreating horrified at what she saw.

But Scott had no mercy and walked toward Tara firing shots at her and killing her too, WPTV, a local West Palm Beach news station reported.

No mercy

Neighbors heard the loud gunshots and were startled.

A few rushed outside only to learn both Tara and Taylor were dead, killed in cold blood by a madman.

But Scott was unphased, and when asked what happened he callously replied, “Don’t worry, I shot them both.”

What a lunatic!

It is one thing to be irritated over a basketball hoop, but to pull out a gun and KILL your neighbors over the dispute is just insane.

Scott killed his neighbors and still showed no remorse.

He now faces two charges of first-degree murder and is being held without bond, WPTV reported.

Many Americans struggle with anger or resentment, but it is clear Scott has other mental issues going on to kill two innocent people in cold blood over a basketball hoop.

Such an unnecessary tragedy.

With lunatics like Scott on the loose, it is no wonder why so many Americans carry a gun for self-protection.

The world is not what it used to be, and people are crazier than ever.

Hopefully, justice will be served, and Scott will be locked away for life so he cannot hurt anyone else or destroy another family.

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