America’s corporate-controlled media was forced to admit one painful fact about Ron DeSantis

Nov 14, 2022

Ron DeSantis is the new bogeyman in American politics.

But as much as many in the press hate DeSantis, they are coming to one big realization.

And America’s corporate-controlled media was forced to admit one painful fact about Ron DeSantis.

Ron DeSantis made his political name by rejecting the COVID doomsaying of Dr. Anthony Fauci.

DeSantis never imposed a statewide mask mandate, opened schools in 2020, and lifted all COVID restrictions before other states.

DeSantis also banned mask mandates in schools and vaccine passports.

Rejecting the so-called “science” earned DeSantis the “DeathSantis” nickname on the Left.

But two years later DeSantis was vindicated as studies and real-world experience show lockdowns, mask mandates, and vaccines do not slow the spread of COVID and that closing schools harmed children’s educational development.

The corporate-controlled media begrudgingly had to admit DeSantis was right, but did so in the most disgraceful manner possible.

Helen Lewis of the left-wing Atlantic wrote a piece entitled “DeSantis’s COVID Gamble Paid Off.”

In her piece Lewis called it a “gamble” to reopen Florida almost like she was upset that more people didn’t die, which prevented her from penning an “I told you so” article.

“DeSantis’s COVID gamble also played into other politically useful narratives. His message was a macho one of risk-taking and courage, which tapped into the existing Republican advantage among male voters. One of the warm-up clips at the Melbourne rally was from Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show, in which Carlson mocked DeSantis’s Democratic opponent, Charlie Crist, for wearing a mask while exercising in a hotel gym. On the big screen, Carlson said, ‘We reached out to Charlie Crist’s office and asked, “What exactly were you doing with a mask on alone in the gym, you freak?”’ To that machismo, DeSantis added a dash of social conservatism, even puritanism, telling the crowd, ‘Heck, if we were just here four years ago and someone had told you we would have states in this country lock kids out of school for a year—you’d have them close churches, but they left the liquor stores and the strip clubs open—you would have said that would not have been possible in the United States of America,’” Lewis wrote.

But one thing is clear.

If more Governors had followed DeSantis’ lead and kept businesses and schools open the economy and the nation’s children would be much better off.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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