America’s Governor came off the top rope after this top rival got caught cuddling up to Biden’s foreign backers

Nov 2, 2023

The major media are hell-bent on keeping voters’ eyes focused on non-stories in order to distract the American public from the major crimes being perpetrated against America under Democrat rule.

The evidence has grown overwhelming that criminal birds of a feather have been flocking together against the interests of salt-of-the-earth Americans.

That’s why America’s Governor just came off the top rope after this top rival got caught cuddling up to Biden’s foreign backers.

While most Americans are weary of China – Newsom boasted about his trip in a press release stating his visit to China “helped thaw relations on the Biden Administration’s efforts to continue an open dialogue with China, which serves as an important competitor and partner to the U.S.”

Newsom went on to say China shares the same “threat in climate change” and said his trip prioritized three goals which included advancing climate action, promoting economic development and tourism, and strengthening cultural ties.

As if America should be in the business of “partnering” with dangerous Communist dictators.

DeSantis slams Newsom’s visit

Governor Newsom was the first governor in more than four years to visit China.

But Ron DeSantis wasn’t surprised to learn about Newsom’s visit to China.

After all – Newsome and Xi Jinping have a lot in common.

“And I saw him over there groveling with Xi Jinping and I thought to myself – ya know these are two guys who locked down their people, violated their rights, imposed medical authoritarianism, and really hurt their societies,” DeSantis said.

He continued, “And they both had really the same playbook with respect to COVID-19.”

Speaking in Vegas, DeSantis said “They both had very lengthy lock downs, curtailed people’s ability to work, go to school, all that . . .

. . . I know California because a lot of people fled to Florida because of what he did,” The Daily Mail reported.

But while Newsom and Xi Jinping want to force mandates and strip citizens of their freedom – DeSantis wants to do just the opposite.

A stark contrast

Unlike Newsom, DeSantis is committed to making sure America isn’t tethered to Communist China.

In Florida, DeSantis suspended school choice scholarships linked to China, stating certain schools had “direct ties to the Chinese Community Party” adding that their connections constituted an “imminent threat to the health, safety, and welfare” of the schools students and the public.

DeSantis is wise enough to know the threat of China – and their economic links to Russia and Iran.

But Governor Newsom doesn’t care, as his personal leftist ideology trumps the best interest of the American people.

Newsom’s cozy trip to China to bow down to Xi Jinping should serve as a strong warning of what it would be like should Newsom ever be placed into a higher position.

The DeSantis and Newsom debate is still set to take place this month, and DeSantis is bound to grill Newsom and slam him for his latest China excursion.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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