An angry old Karen lost it on her motorcycle lovin’ neighbor in a bizarre scuffle

Jun 6, 2024

There is nothing more annoying than living next to a nosy neighbor . . .

. . . except when the neighbor goes rogue and starts a brawl.

And one angry old Karen lost it on her motorcycle lovin’ neighbor in a bizarre scuffle over this insane reason.

Policing the neighborhood

Intrusive neighbors who have nothing better to do than “police” the actions of their neighborhood are a nuisance.

They are always complaining about “loud noises” from happily playing children and quick to call the police if a dog is barking “too long.”

And while some people age with grace, others truly fit the stereotype of the “get off my lawn” grumpy old man.

Or in this case woman.

On a warm summer night, 80-year-old Sandra decided she was fed up with her fellow elderly neighbor.

But what was his crime?

According to Sandra, 72-year-old John Faraone was using “too much water” while cleaning his own motorcycle, on his own property.

Yes really.

And in a bizarre series of events Sandra took action to let John know just how furious she was at his “water usage.”

An angry Karen gone mad

According to investigators, Sandra started arguing with her neighbor who was peacefully cleaning his motorcycle.

But she did not stop there.

The Smoking Gun reported the woman marched on over to his house, spit on him, and even yanked his beard.


What a lunatic.

Who cares how much water a man uses to clean his own bike?

Apparently, this angry Karen does.

The Smoking Gun published the complaint/arrest affidavit which stated “The defendant was at her residence and observed the victim washing his motorcycle. The defendant walked over to the victim’s residence and engaged in a verbal argument regarding his water usage.”

Sandra does not have to pay the guy’s water bill, so why does she even care?

No one knows.

But apparently, Sandra was so distraught at the water usage, she busted out her trusty flip phone and sprang into action to snap photos of the “crime.”

“The defendant also utilized her black flip phone to take photographs of the ‘wet spots’ on the roadway so she could report the victim to the property management. During the verbal agreement, the defendant used her right hand and pulled the victim’s beard and spit on him,” the complaint continued.

A lonely jailbird

The old woman did end up spending a night in jail but was freed with a $100 bond.

A judge also ordered her to leave her neighbor alone.

If all the angry Karens in the world spent as much time worrying about their own lives as they did everyone else around them, the world would be a better place.

But it’s doubtful that day will ever come as busybody Karens will continue haranguing their fellow citizens.

Hell hath no fury like a Karen scorned!

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