An appalling new curriculum for first graders just proved Ron DeSantis was right

Apr 13, 2022

The Left is furious that their government-run education indoctrination mill was exposed.

Distance learning due to COVID woke up many parents to the radicalism permeating through the schools.

And now an appalling new curriculum for first graders just proved Ron DeSantis was right.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed the Parental Rights in Education bill into law, and other states need to follow his lead.

Government-run education is far more radical than conservatives and moderate liberals could have ever imagined.

The new Florida law, which was denounced by the Left as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, barred classroom discussions about sexual orientation and gender identity in K-3, and prohibited schools from secretly transitioning children without notifying parents.

And schools in New Jersey are teaching precisely what Florida is attempting to ward off.

Fox News reported that “New Jersey public school second graders will be getting lessons related to gender identity this fall under state sex education guidelines that will take effect in September. The standards listed ‘performance expectations’ for second graders, which include discussing ‘the range of ways people express their gender and how gender role stereotypes may limit behavior.’ Educators in the Garden State are preparing to carry out the teaching standards, which were established in 2020 but not required to be enacted until Sept. 2022. One school district in the state distributed sample lesson plans indicating first graders could be taught they can have ‘boy parts’ but ‘feel like’ a girl.”

States like California are already making radical gender education compulsory, meaning parents cannot opt out of it like they can with traditional sex education.

This loophole allows activist teachers to foist their radical far-left ideas onto impressionable young kids.

The New Jersey gender curriculum included lesson plans that stated, “Gender identity is that feeling of knowing your gender. You might feel like you are a boy, you might feel like you are a girl . . . You might feel like you’re a boy even if you have body parts that some people might tell you are ‘girl’ parts. You might feel like you’re a girl even if you have body parts that some people might tell you are ‘boy’ parts.”

Perhaps the most absurd aspect of this curricula is that it flies in the face of the old-school liberal perspective on liberal expression.

The Left once argued that boys could play with dolls and girls could play with monster trucks.

Now they argue that boys who play with dolls are girls, and girls who play with monster trucks are boys.

The notion of “feeling” like the opposite gender is based on gender stereotypes that feminists have tried to undermine.

Now their efforts are coming back to bite them while subverting all of society at the same time.

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