An Iowa voter asked Ron DeSantis one question about Donald Trump that caught him by surprise

Jan 10, 2024

Time is running out for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to close the gap on Donald Trump’s massive lead before the Iowa Caucus on January 15.

A DeSantis supporter in Iowa shared a tip with the Governor on how to gain ground on Donald Trump.

And an Iowa voter asked Ron DeSantis one question about Donald Trump that caught him by surprise.

Ron DeSantis staked his entire presidential campaign on winning the Iowa Caucus on January 15.

DeSantis has spent more time and resources in the state than any of his competitors, even taking the time to campaign in all of Iowa’s 99 counties.

He’s also been endorsed by Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds and influential evangelical leader Bob Vander Plaats.

But with just a week left to go, DeSantis has so far failed to gain any traction in the polls.

DeSantis will spend nearly every day in Iowa until the caucus in hopes of pulling off his promised victory on the 15th.

“DeSantis is banking on a strong caucus finish to knock out challengers like former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley and propel him to a one-on-one challenge with former President Donald Trump,” USA Today reported. “The Florida governor already has spent significant time and resources on the first-in-the-nation state,” USA Today continued. “After visiting all of Iowa’s 99 counties in 2023, DeSantis celebrated New Year’s Eve with Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds in West Des Moines, then watched the Iowa Hawkeyes lose the Citrus Bowl at an Ankeny house party.”

On Wednesday, DeSantis held a town hall event in Waukee, Iowa.

During the event, one of his supporters, 75-year-old Christopher Garcia, took issue with DeSantis for being “soft” on Donald Trump.

“One, why haven’t you gone directly after him?” Garcia said. “Your polls are down.” 

“He’s up really…,” Garcia continued, before DeSantis interrupted and asked, “What do you mean by going directly after?”

“In my viewpoint, you’ve gone pretty soft on him,” Garcia responded.

“I articulate all the differences time and time again on the campaign trail,” DeSantis fired back. “There’s just a narrative. I think the narrative is this: what the media wants is, they want Republican candidates to just kind of smear him personally and kind of do that,” DeSantis continued. “That’s just not how I roll.”

Garcia disagreed with DeSantis, interrupting multiple times to say “no.”

“I mean, the guy has no class in a lot of ways,” Garcia said.

Of course, DeSantis has not been shy about going after Donald Trump.

He’s attacked Trump for not delivering on his promise to build the wall, for running up the debt, and for his mishandling of the pandemic.

Garcia, like many DeSantis supporters, is just frustrated at his candidate’s inability to gain any ground on Trump in the polls.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


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