Animal rights activists are steaming mad after Ron DeSantis made this decision about black bears

Jun 27, 2024

Black bears have the ability to seriously harm humans.

Human-bear encounters have been increasing over the past few years in Florida.

And animal rights activists are steaming mad after Ron DeSantis made this decision about black bears.

Florida is known for having an abundance of wildlife.

When most folks think of wildlife in Florida, alligators are usually the first animal that comes to mind.

But there are more than 4,000 wild black bears in Florida.

These black bears mostly live in sand-pine scrub, oak scrub, upland hardwood forests, and forested wetlands across the state. 

Black bears in South Florida are the only American black bear subspecies that lives in a subtropical region.

Even though they tend to be shy and reclusive, human-bear encounters have been increasing in recent years due to the number of people living in Florida.

According to the Florida Wildlife Commission, 6,000 out of the 14,000 animal nuisance calls in 2022 were bear related.

It is illegal to kill a black bear in Florida, even in self-defense.

But that changes on July 1 thanks to a “stand your ground” bill Ron DeSantis signed into law on Friday.

The legislation was supported by rural sheriffs across the state.

“H.B. 87 provides a stand-your-ground defense for Florida residents to shoot and kill black bears on their property to defend themselves and their property,” Fox News reported. “Under the bill, anyone who shoots and kills a bear must notify Florida Fish and Wildlife within 24 hours of killing the bear, and they may not keep or sell the bear carcass,” Fox continued. “Legal immunity will not be provided for anyone who lures bears onto their property.”

 Of course, left-wing Democrats and radical animal rights activists are in a frenzy over the new law.

Even though it does not take effect until July 1st, the group Bear Warriors has already filed a lawsuit to overturn the law.

Bear Warriors United President Katrina Shadix was furious that Florida is placing human life above an animal.

“What this is, is basically a license to kill,” Shadix said. “People can kill 365 days a year, we know that is not sustainable for any population, let alone the Florida black bear population.” 

Other animal rights leaders also blasted the new law.

“Oh no — that is my reaction,” senior Florida representative with Defenders of Wildlife, Elizabeth Fleming, told POLITICO. “Well, that’s very unfortunate,” she continued. “I think it’s going to be challenged [in court] so they are going to spend taxpayer money defending it.”

But supporter of the bill Lane Stephens explained why the new law will help make sure humans are protected and safe.

“If that bear is in the house and doing damage and tearing the place apart you will be able to take care of that bear and not have to worry about being arrested,” Stephens said.

Franklin County Sheriff A.J. Smith said, “these folks need to feel comfortable that they can take action and not fear being arrested.”

It should be common sense that a human has the right to defend themselves against an animal attack.

But left-wing animal rights activists do not care about human life.

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