Ashley Moody just put Starbucks executives on notice that their woke agenda is not welcome in Florida

May 30, 2024

Ron DeSantis filled in as the guest host of the Sean Hannity Show on Wednesday.

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody made an appearance and made a surprising announcement regarding a new investigation in the state.

And Ashley Moody just put Starbucks executives on notice that their woke agenda is not welcome in Florida.

Ron DeSantis spent the past three years taking a sledgehammer to the Left’s woke ideology in Florida.

He signed the Stop WOKE Act into law, which banned the teaching of Critical Race Theory in Florida’s government schools.

DeSantis then signed a bill into law that prohibits biological males who claim to be females from participating in women’s sports.

He banned teaching the Left’s woke gender ideology to young children and stopped all public universities from funding Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) programs. 

The Left filed a string of lawsuits to try and stop DeSantis from destroying the woke agenda in Florida.

Only the portion of the Stop Woke Act that dealt with private businesses got overturned by a judge.

But Attorney General Ashley Moody is taking on woke discriminatory practices in the private sector in a complaint she filed against Starbucks.

The complaint points out where Starbuck potentially violated anti-discrimination laws through its racial “quota” system and urges the Florida Commission on Human Relations to launch a full investigation into the matter.

“The Starbucks policies described above appear on their face to be racial quotas,” Moody wrote in the letter. “They set specific race-based employment targets.”

On Wednesday, Moody made the announcement in an appearance on Sean Hannity’s radio program where DeSantis served as the guest host.

“We’re going to make sure that in Florida this quota for hiring and programs that cause every employee to determine whether they are the problem based on the color of their skin, whether that violates Florida’s anti-discrimination laws, and so the matter will be investigated,” Moody said on the show. 

“I’m proud to report that we are referring the matter officially to the Florida Commission on Human Relations for a full investigation of Starbucks and these practices,” she added.

Of course, DeSantis welcomed the move from Attorney General Moody.

He said people should not be judged on “the color of their skin or their ethnicity or anything like that.”

DeSantis mentioned the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit’s decision last year that ruled the portions of the Stop WOKE Act that dealt with private businesses unconstitutional. 

“One of the things that bill said was, ‘Look, this is actionable,” DeSantis said. “If they’re doing this in a corporation, you don’t have to sit there and self-flagellate yourself because of your skin color,” he continued. “You have a right to opt out.”

“For some reason, the court said that that was a violation of the company’s First Amendment right, even though they can say whatever they want,” DeSantis pointed out. “We’re just saying you had the right to opt out. But we didn’t even think that that was necessary. We believe that’s what the law is, anyways.”

Moody agreed with DeSantis and noted how the practices that were created to stop discrimination are now being used to discriminate against certain employees.

“Many of these (diversity, equity and inclusion) policies that have been pushed in corporate America that were meant to address and prevent discrimination are now pushing policies and programs and initiatives that may in fact the unlawful employment practices in fact becoming discriminatory themselves, in fact further dividing racial friction and polarization and society,” Moody said.

Ron DeSantis promised to make Florida be where “woke goes to die.”

And he continues to prove that he meant every word of it.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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