Ben Shapiro set the conservative internet on fire with these five words about Ron DeSantis

Jan 16, 2024

Daily Wire editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro is the host of the top conservative podcast, The Ben Shapiro Show.

Shapiro is an influential figure in the conservative movement.

And Ben Shapiro set the conservative internet on fire with these five words about Ron DeSantis.

It is the final weekend before the Republican Presidential Primary officially kicks off with the Iowa Caucus on Monday.

In the national RealClearPolitics polling average, Trump is currently dominating the rest of the field with 61% support.

He is also up by 35 points in Iowa with just a few days left until the Caucus.

But subzero blizzard conditions are expected in Iowa on Monday, which makes a campaign’s grassroots ground game even more important.

DeSantis staked his entire campaign on Iowa and has spent more time and resources in the state than his competitors.

After knocking on more than 812,000 doors in Iowa, DeSantis has secured tens of thousands Caucus commitment cards from voters.

“Some allies say they remain buoyed by the ground effort, particularly in Iowa, where the group has gathered 30,000 commitment cards from voters pledging to caucus on DeSantis’ behalf and a growing bench of precinct captains willing to speak on his behalf at caucus locations,” NBC recently reported.

DeSantis also secured endorsements from Republican Governor Kim Reynolds as well as influential evangelical leader Bob Vander Plaats.

And with just a few days left until Iowa, DeSantis just picked up the support from conservative talk show host Ben Shapiro.

Shapiro told his audience he would vote for DeSantis if the Primary was today.

“So here is Ron DeSantis going after Donald Trump over the Constitution, now again, let’s just be clear about this,” Shapiro began, before adding that “if the primaries were held today, I would vote for Ron DeSantis.”

“I would vote for him,” he added.

“He’s the best Florida governor. He is the best governor in America. He is the most consistently conservative person in the race. He is an incredibly competent executive,” he said. “He knows how to actually run the levers of power and make sure things happen, not just bloviate. I would vote for him in a primary.”

Shaprio continued, “He is way behind and so is Nikki Haley, they are both way behind. So, while they were busy mashing each other on CNN, Donald Trump was over on Fox News with Brett Baer sipping a Diet Coke and enjoying his life.”

He then played a clip of DeSantis lecturing Trump about the importance of upholding the Constitution.

After the clip played, Shapiro said “that, of course, is exactly true.”

“And then DeSantis turned to Haley, and he pointed out the big wrap on Haley, which is that she’s too squishy,” Shapiro added.

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