Biden’s cozy relationship with Iran is blowing up in his face and causing a major backlash

Nov 1, 2023

Joe Biden and his leftist administration are funding Iran – and it’s worse than anyone could have imagined.

Ron DeSantis has had enough, and he’s calling Biden out.

And now, Joe Biden’s cozy relationship with Iran is blowing up in his face and causing a major backlash.

Many believe Iran helped Hamas attack Israel – using the $6 billion in funds Biden unfroze as part of a prisoner swap.

But the State Department insists none of the money has been spent.

“Not a single dollar from that account has actually been spent to date,” Secretary of State Antony Blinken said on ABC’s “This Week.”

Further defending Biden’s decision to fund Iran, Blinken added “And in any event, it’s very carefully and closely regulated by the Treasury Department to make sure that it’s only used for food, for medicine, for medical equipment.”

Of course, his comments are ridiculous.

Even if his claims were true, having an extra $6 billion frees up other money Iran can then spend to fund terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah.

Ron DeSantis sounds the alarm

“So Biden has known how hostile Iran is to both Israel and the United States, and he chose when he came into office to relax sanctions.” DeSantis said.
He continued “They’ve had massive amounts of money flowing into their coffers, that regime is not going to use that money to make life better for the Iranian people. They are going to use that to fund Hamas, Hezbollah, to export terrorism around the world.”

And he’s exactly right.

Biden may claim that the $6 billion to Iran “won’t be used to fund terrorism” – but he’s grossly mistaken.

DeSantis even acknowledged the attack on Israel wouldn’t have happened if Biden wasn’t in bed with Iran.

“I don’t think Hamas would have been able to carry out the attack that they did if it weren’t for Biden loosening the screws on Iran and allowing that money to flow,” DeSantis said.

American troops are taking the hit

DeSantis went on to relay how even American troops are feeling the backlash of Biden’s cozy relationship with Iran.

“So now you’re in a situation where you have some of our troops in the Middle East – it’s not clear what their mission is – it’s not clear that they are there in large enough numbers to even accomplish a mission,” said DeSantis.

He continued “But there are enough of them to be inviting targets from our enemies – so he’s letting Iran take potshots at our service members.”

DeSantis further blasted Biden and warned if he didn’t stop sympathizing with Iran the consequences could be deadly.

“Biden’s weakness is inviting more attacks against American troops. He needs to open his eyes, he needs to clear his administration out of all these Iran sympathizers,” DeSantis continued.

Joe Biden may “sympathize” with Iran – but yet again Biden’s lack of discernment is helping pump the Iranian government with funds which will only endanger America and its allies.

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