Casey DeSantis energized a packed and passionate crowd at the Moms for Liberty summit in Florida

Jul 22, 2022

It started with three Florida moms.

It’s grown to 100,000 members in more than 200 chapters across 38 states.

And Casey DeSantis had them on their feet and energized at the Moms for Liberty summit in Florida.

There’s an old adage in politics that you never want to “piss off the moms.”

And even if you do, you hope and pray you never piss them off enough to get them organized.

Well, the Democrats and the radical leftists are in for a nasty surprise these next few years.

Because they have managed to do both in a relatively short amount of time.

Just look at one of the hundreds of “moms” groups that have sprung up around the country in the last two years, Moms for Liberty.

This group started with three very angry moms in Florida, furious at the radical left-ward activism in the schools, especially the “grooming” of young children by LGBT activists and ridiculous unscientific COVID restrictions imposed on schools by out-of-control teachers union bosses.

Moms for Liberty is now a major force in American politics with more than 100,000 members in 38 states and over 200 active chapters.

They’ve been involved in the defeat of numerous school board incumbents and have their sights set on bigger targets in the November 2022 elections.

At their inaugural national Summit in Florida, they had more than 500 attendees listen to some major speeches by leaders in the conservative and liberty movement.

Included in the speakers list was none other than Florida Governor Ron DeSantis himself, who told the crowd, “You gotta stand up, and you gotta fight.”

But another speaker who showed up with her 5-year-old daughter Madison in tow was the wife of the popular Governor, Casey DeSantis.

And Casey DeSantis had the crowd going crazy with her energizing talk and encouraging words.

“When you want to get something done, you go to a mama, right? Mamas on a mission?” DeSantis asked.

She spoke during a lunch event at the summit held in Tampa, Florida where she also discussed her and Gov. Ron DeSantis’ children and home life before diving into politics and the role of groups like Moms for Liberty.

Casey DeSantis was asked what could be done to harness conservative mothers’ political activism to help make a difference for her husband’s reelection, and she said one thing would be to learn about what’s already been done by the Governor and what else Gov. DeSantis intends to do on education.

“All of the reforms — putting parents first,” she said. “And putting the students first and making sure we’re empowering parents. We thought we would, and we will, sign up a million moms across the state to be able to support the Governor’s initiatives.”

“Somebody was talking about it being political,” DeSantis said. “It’s not about political, it’s about principle.”

And that’s what these moms are in it for.

Something most politicians, on both sides of the aisle, don’t seem to understand.

As she tweeted out after the speech: “Moms are the backbones of our families. We will never stop fighting for our children’s well-being, safety, and prosperity.”

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