Casey DeSantis is changing Florida’s approach on one major issue that could save lives all across America

Feb 27, 2023

In March of 2022, Ron DeSantis announced that his wife Casey was officially cancer free.

But while Casey DeSantis won her battle against breast cancer, her fight against the disease is far from over.

And Casey DeSantis is changing Florida’s approach on one major issue that could save lives all across America.

Casey DeSantis has played an instrumental role in her husband’s administration since he was first elected Governor in 2018.

She has a passion for working on child mental health issues, improving education, and helping out those in need.

But one issue Casey DeSantis is extremely passionate about is cancer research.

Ron DeSantis announced in October of 2021 that Casey had been diagnosed with breast cancer and would be taking chemotherapy treatments.

After five months of chemotherapy, Ron DeSantis informed the public in March of 2022 that his wife was officially cancer free.

Not long after she was declared cancer free, Casey DeSantis held an event with her husband where she announced $100 million in funding for cancer research in the state budget.

And now Casey DeSantis just announced “the Cancer Connect Collaborative to Explore Innovative Strategies for Cancer Treatment and Care,” a program that uses innovative strategies to combat cancer and give hope to those battling with the disease.

The new program expands on the initiative started by Casey DeSantis in 2022.

“Today, First Lady Casey DeSantis announced the Cancer Connect Collaborative, an expansion of Florida Cancer Connect that will assemble a team of medical professionals to analyze and rethink Florida’s approach to combating cancer,” a press release from the Governor’s office read.

At a roundtable discussion, Casey DeSantis thanked her husband for making sure that “the government in Florida is working for people in practical, meaningful ways.”

“Today, that continues in the battle against cancer,” Casey DeSantis said. “The Cancer Connect Collaborative will analyze and rethink the way Florida approaches cancer research, diagnosis, and treatments — through incentivizing proven and promising approaches to cancer care while reducing the role of bureaucratic red tape and special interests. This collaborative will chart a course of action that will lead the nation and ultimately save lives.”

The Cancer Connect Collaborative has five primary goals designed to bring a “revolutionary new approach to combating cancer in Florida.”

Casey DeSantis shared a video on Twitter from the roundtable discussion she held when announcing the program.

After Hurricane Ian ripped across Florida last year, thanks to Ron DeSantis’ leadership, workers were able to rebuild a bridge destroyed by the storm in only three days.

In a post on social media, Casey DeSantis said “if Florida can build a bridge in 3 days, I am confident we can lead the nation in cancer prevention, innovation, treatment and positive outcomes.”

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