Casey DeSantis just reached a grassroots milestone for her husband’s campaign that could change everything

Jan 12, 2024

Ron DeSantis was back in Florida on Tuesday to deliver the annual State of the State address.

His wife Casey stayed in Iowa to continue meeting with voters ahead of Monday’s Caucus.

And Casey DeSantis just reached a grassroots milestone for her husband’s campaign that could change everything.

The Republican Presidential nominating contest officially kicks off on Monday with the Iowa Caucus.

GOP hopefuls have all descended on Iowa to make their final pitch to voters before Monday’s Caucus.

But Ron DeSantis had to take a break from the campaign trail on Tuesday to attend to his official duties as Governor of Florida by delivering the annual State of the State address.

However, his secret weapon remained in Iowa on the campaign trail.

That secret weapon is his wife, Casey.

“The first lady of Florida traded in the sun from her home state for the snow in Iowa to stump for her husband and presidential candidate Ron DeSantis,” KCCI reported. “Casey DeSantis went door knocking with pro-DeSantis super PAC Never Back Down in Clive,” KCCI continued, before adding that “DeSantis met with supporters of her husband in Clive and thanked them for their support.”

Of course, Casey DeSantis has always played an instrumental role in her husband’s campaigns and in his administration.

She has been with him nearly every moment on the campaign trail during his bid for the GOP nomination.

And on Tuesday, Casey DeSantis helped reach a milestone for her husband’s campaign by knocking on the three millionth door in the early states.

“This will be our three millionth door in the early states, and it’ll be nearly a million doors in Iowa alone,” DeSantis said.

She met with her husband’s supporters and encouraged them to make sure they get out and attend their Caucus on Monday night and bring as many folks as they can along with them.

“No matter the weather, you got to show up, you got to make your case, you got to get to the doors,” DeSantis said.

According to Never Back Down state field director Whitney Lajaunie, the DeSantis campaign has had volunteers knocking on doors in Iowa since May.

They have now knocked on doors in all 99 counties, even in the most rural areas.

“It’s been tough sometimes reaching those rural homes, but we make it work and our canvassers are very motivated to do so,” Lajaunie said.

She said the DeSantis team is willing to get out and talk to voters in the wind, rain, and snow because it makes that much of an impact.

“Being able to connect with voters on a personal level, there’s nothing else like it,” she said.

Ron DeSantis staked his entire campaign on a strong finish in Iowa on Monday.

And his wife Casey is making sure that no stone is left unturned for her husband in the Hawkeye State.

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