Casey DeSantis just revealed one thing about her husband that will put a big smile on your face

May 18, 2022

Casey DeSantis is cancer free.

She’s now even back on the campaign trail.

And Casey DeSantis just revealed one thing about her husband that will put a big smile on your face.

Last October, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced that his wife Casey had been diagnosed with breast cancer and would undergo chemotherapy for treatment.

After a hard-fought battle, in March, a smiling Ron DeSantis reported that his wife was now “cancer free” and would soon be back on the campaign trail again with him.

On Tuesday, Casey DeSantis joined her husband for an event where she announced he had secured $100 million in funding for cancer research, which is $37 million more than the current funding.

Casey DeSantis also opened up about her battle with breast cancer for the first time publicly, telling the audience that even though she didn’t feel any lumps on her breast, she did feel a “dull sensation.”

This led her to request a mammogram, which is how doctors found the breast cancer.

Mrs. DeSantis then brought many in the crowd to tears by talking about how her husband was by her side the entire time.

“If I start talking about how wonderful my husband is, that’s when I start to lose it,” Casey DeSantis said.

“I didn’t wear waterproof mascara,” she continued, before adding, “to say that he has been by my side every step of the way — he literally has been.”

Ron DeSantis also spoke about how cancer has impacted his life, saying his mother battled cancer when he was a child.

For those currently battling cancer, the Governor encouraged them not to give up the fight, telling them to remain hopeful because they can win the battle.

“It’s something that you can beat,” Ron DeSantis said of a breast cancer diagnosis. “It’s not easy, it’s a very difficult thing to have happen to anybody but have faith and really fight hard, because the advances have been really significant.”

To help those struggling with cancer, Casey DeSantis announced that the Governor’s office would soon launch a public health project “to share more of the good news,” as one of the major factors that kept her going after her diagnosis was hearing stories from other people who had recovered from the same illness.

Casey DeSantis is a major asset for the Governor’s re-election campaign.

The people of Florida love her.

And now that she’s back on the trail, Ron DeSantis will likely rise even higher in the polls, making November a very difficult election for Democrats.

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