Casey DeSantis left jaws on the floor after her latest remarks

Nov 8, 2023

Ron DeSantis has proven he is unshakable when it comes to dodging attacks from the left-wing media.

Just like her husband, Casey DeSantis continues to demonstrate the same fiery resilience.

And during an Orlando speech – Casey left jaws on the floor after her latest remarks.

Casey mocks the Left’s smear campaign

The media has tried to take down Casey and Ron DeSantis from Day 1 – but they continue to fail.

And instead of being intimidated by the media, Casey continues to laugh at the media’s attempt to take her down.

“You know it’s funny, these hits from the media,” Casey told the Orlando crowd.

Casey then told the story of how a concerned friend called her and informed her of all the horrible things that woke media outlets were saying about her – even calling her a “Walmart Melania”.

Instead of cringing, Casey told her friend “Awesome! That’s the greatest thing you could call me. For me to be in the same sentence as Melania is a wonderful thing. She’s gorgeous. That’s great!”

As the crowd cheered, Casey continued “And yes, guilty as charged I shop at Walmart. I have a six, five and three-year-old. Do you know how quickly they grow out of these clothes?”

“I need $2 t-shirts and especially with Biden-flation and ‘Bidenomics,’ everything is getting more expensive,” Casey continued.

The elite left-wing media seems to think it’s an insult to be “outed” for shopping at Walmart – but Casey knows her real life reality of being a mom of three kids is relatable to everyday Americans.

“We have one hell of a Governor”

Casey went on to pump up her husband to the crowd boasting about his accomplishments as Governor.

She claimed Florida becoming a red state wasn’t a coincidence but told the crowd it was because “we have one hell of a Governor”.

“It was DeSantis, if you remember during the riots of 2020 who said to the protestors if you loot or destroy property you are going to jail,” Casey said.

As President – DeSantis has also vowed to punish and shoot down drug smugglers who try to sneak deadly drugs into America.

The coordinated effort to take down DeSantis

When DeSantis refused to shut down Florida during COVID – Casey recalled the onslaught of attacks against her husband.

“The media was coming after him. The Left was coming after him. The federal government, Republicans and Republicans in Washington, D.C. were coming after him,” Casey said.

“The bureaucracy was coming after him and day after day in the midst of that storm in the midst of that chaos and the relentless attacks trying to get him to back down to shut the state to shutter our kids out of school, to force mandates to adhere to their demands, to bend the knee to the elites,” she continued.

“I watched people go on television, I watched people say some of the worst things that you can imagine about a really good man,” Casey said.

But instead of caving to pressure, Casey recalled how solid Ron was on remaining steadfast and doing the right thing.

“I would watch him daily solid as a rock get up, walk out the door, walk in front of the cameras and fight. He fought for you fought for me. Fought the left, fought the elites. He fought Fauci. He fought the federal government. He fought the bureaucracies and he fought to defend our way of life, our God given rights. He fought for our families. He fought for our children,” Casey declared.

“And day after day I watched as he often times stood alone in the arena, no matter the hit, no matter how hard they came after him, no matter what they said, he would not back down, not an inch. He ignored all of the chaos. He dismissed all of the noise and he focused on true North. He defended our liberties, our rights, our livelihoods, our happiness and our families,” Casey continued.

Casey nailed it in her fiery speech.

Both the left-wing media and the Republican political establishment think they can silence DeSantis – but they can’t.

He won’t stop fighting for the American people, despite how many hits come his way.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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