Casey DeSantis lit up the room at this conservative event in this critical early Primary state

Aug 30, 2023

A candidate’s spouse with a likable personality can be a boost to any campaign.

Casey DeSantis has certainly excelled at that role.

And Casey DeSantis lit up the room at this conservative event in this critical early Primary state.

Ron DeSantis has been hitting the campaign trail hard, but he still has his regular job as Governor of Florida.

While many politicians have been known to shirk their responsibilities while running for President, such as Senators missing votes, Ron DeSantis continues to take his job as Florida’s Governor seriously.

He delayed launching his campaign until after wrapping up the legislative session, in which he delivered a string of major victories on key conservative issues like defending the unborn, expanding gun rights, standing up for the rights of parents, and pushing back against woke corporations.

But with a major hurricane bearing down on Florida, DeSantis took a break from the campaign trail to prepare his state for the aftermath that would inevitably follow.

Unfortunately, this meant he would have to miss a major event he had planned to attend in the early Primary state of South Carolina.

Thankfully, his wife, Casey DeSantis was able to fill in for him.

Casey spoke at the South Carolina Faith and Freedom Barbecue, and the crowd was absolutely delighted with her.

In a prerecorded message, Ron DeSantis told attendees, “You’re getting the better end of the deal by having my wife Casey there.”

Casey related to the crowd talking about motherhood and also promoted her husband’s policy positions.

“I want a President of the United States who prioritizes education over indoctrination, we need a president who defends the rights of parents and the innocence of children,” she told the crowd.

Many in attendance were impressed with the performance of the First Lady hopeful.

“She should be running for office,” Hilda Case, an 83-year-old DeSantis supporter said after hearing her speech.

Casey’s speech may have also helped sway a few undecided Republican voters toward her husband’s candidacy.

Leon and Beth Harris, a couple that are undecided in who to support in the Presidential Primary, said the speech pulled them more in DeSantis’ direction.

“I’m still not 100 percent,” Leon said. “But this helped.”

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