Casey DeSantis promoted a new campaign ad highlighting one area Donald Trump cannot touch

Aug 11, 2023

Casey DeSantis promoted a new campaign ad that has everybody talking.

In 37 seconds – this ad revealed what makes DeSantis stand out from every other candidate.

And most important – DeSantis’ new ad highlights his greatest strength – something Trump can never match.

Ron DeSantis embodies service over self

Ron DeSantis is an American patriot with a long record of putting America first.

He joined the Navy and became a JAG officer and volunteered to serve in Iraq.

After deploying to Iraq with SEAL Team 1 – he earned a Bronze Star Medal for his service.

DeSantis’ military record shows he has long put America first above his own personal interests.

In a new campaign ad, DeSantis’ past military record is highlighted linking it to his current willingness to never back down when America is under attack.

Ron DeSantis will fight back

“As the father of three young children, he understands the importance of the fights ahead and why we must never back down,” the DeSantis campaign narrator read.

“Ron DeSantis – the fighter we need as President,” the ad concluded.

The truth is, Americans are fed up with President Joe Biden and his woke leftist activists running our nation into the ground.

Leftists are obsessed with eliminating parental rights while pushing LGBT propaganda into schools and local libraries.

Critical Race Theory and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) are seen as the “gold standard” of the Left . . .

. . . and anyone who dares speak out against them is called a “racist.”

But Ron DeSantis won’t let the left-wing madness continue under his watch.

America is under attack

The foundation of America is under attack like never before.

Enemies both foreign and domestic seek to obliterate America and turn it into a left-wing utopia.

Whether it’s communist China and their economic control or Biden weakening the American military with woke policies – something has to change or America will be destroyed forever.

While Ron DeSantis bravely served our country as a Navy officer – he’s committed to continuing to fight to preserve the liberties Americans cherish, before they are gone forever.

Trump cannot touch DeSantis’ military record

Ron DeSantis is a patriot – and there’s nothing Donald Trump could say or do to discredit DeSantis’ long record of serving America.

There’s a reason law enforcement groups and moms alike are flocking to DeSantis – they know he’ll protect them against those who wish to cause harm.

Donald Trump may talk a good game – but he has already proven he’ll sell out conservatives and Pro-Lifers by refusing to take a stand for life and going soft on LGBT “transgender” policies.

America needs a courageous President who won’t back down from a fight – and can win.

Polls show DeSantis is the guy to beat Biden – and his latest campaign ad highlights yet another strength Trump cannot touch – a military record that puts service over self – time and time again.

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