Casey DeSantis revealed one surprising detail about her family that left Joe Biden fuming

Nov 21, 2023

Florida First Lady, Casey DeSantis, is a rising star nationally.

She let the cat out of the bag on her personal life.

And Casey DeSantis revealed one surprising detail about her family that left Joe Biden fuming.

Florida First Lady Casey DeSantis has become a top surrogate for her husband on the campaign trail.

She’s joined him as he crisscrosses the state of Iowa ahead of the state’s January caucus.

The Never Back Down bus tour of Iowa made a stop in Charles City with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, his wife Casey, and Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds who recently endorsed him.

Entering the national political stage with her husband’s Presidential campaign has subjected her to childish insults from the media such as “Walmart Melania,” a low blow that implies she’s a knockoff version of former First Lady Melania Trump.

She brushed off the media insults lobbed at her with humor and by revealing a relatable moment about her family.

Casey pointed out that the media is “hitting” her and labeled her “Walmart Melania.”

“By the way they’re calling me Walmart Melania,” Casey DeSantis said. “Which I think is awesome because one if I’m in the same sentence as Melania that’s a total score for me. That’s a victory, she’s gorgeous.”

She joked that the Biden economy was causing her to shop at Walmart because of how fast her kids were growing up.

“Guilty as charged,” Casey DeSantis. “I shop at Walmart. Thank you Bidenomics, OK? Everything is so darn expensive and my children grow up so fast that I need $2 t-shirts. OK?”

She previously said that the one thing the media has gotten right in their relentless smear campaign against her family is that she shops at Walmart.

“One thing that the corporate media did get right about me: I do shop at Walmart,” DeSantis told Fox News.

The Florida First Lady said that insults were an attempt to change the conversation and get her to back down.

“I think it’s interesting and you probably can sympathize with this when they come after you and they’re just calling you names,” DeSantis continued. “That means they don’t want to litigate the merits of their case. They don’t want to have that conversation. They want to call you names. They want to try to get you to back down. But I can tell you the No. 1 thing — we will not back down when it comes to our family.”

She told the crowd of Iowans that she put herself out there because if she sat home like a “potted plant it would be malpractice” given what she knows about her husband.

Casey DeSantis entered the arena and is making the case for her husband to be the GOP’s Presidential nominee.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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