Charlie Crist just picked a fight with Ron DeSantis that he instantly regretted

Aug 26, 2022

The battle lines are set.

Ron DeSantis will square off against Democrat Charlie Crist in Florida’s election for Governor this fall.

But Charlie Crist just picked a fight with Ron DeSantis that he instantly regretted.

Congressman Charlie Crist defeated Agricultural Commissioner Nikki Fried for Governor in the Democrat Primary election.

In 2018, DeSantis edged out a narrow 0.4% victory to become Florida’s Governor.

But since 2018, Ron DeSantis has risen to rock star status in the Republican Party for his willingness to stand up and fight the Left.

DeSantis’ rock star status has also garnered him a record-breaking $135 million war chest for his re-election efforts.

Even though Charlie Crist lags far behind DeSantis in fundraising, he received a boost from his Primary victory on Tuesday, raising over $1 million within 24 hours.

And Charlie Crist did not waste any time launching false attacks and smears at DeSantis.

On Wednesday, during his first campaign stop as the Democrat nominee, Crist called DeSantis everything from “anti-democracy” to “anti-women” to “anti-African American” to “anti-freedom Ron.”

But Crist went after more than just Ron DeSantis.

He also insulted Florida voters by declaring that “those who support the Governor should stay with him and vote for him and I don’t want your vote.”

“If you have that hate in your heart, keep it there,” Crist added, implying that anyone who supports Ron DeSantis is full of hate.

Ron DeSantis is not one to back down from a fight.

And during an appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight, DeSantis fired back at Charlie Crist for insulting the people in Florida.

“This is his fifth decade running for office,” DeSantis told Carlson, before adding that Crist is a “typical career politician.”

DeSantis is referring to the fact that Charlie Crist spent most of his life as a Republican, previously serving in the State Senate and as the GOP Governor of Florida.

Charlie Crist made the politically-motivated switch to the Democrat Party in 2012.

DeSantis also pointed out the clear difference between him and Crist on policy.

“People support me because I kept the state open and protected their jobs,” DeSantis said. “Charlie Crist wanted it locked down,” he continued.

“So that’s not hate in their heart,” DeSantis added. “They’re just appreciative that they had a Governor who was standing up for them.”

DeSantis concluded by ripping Crist for claiming he wants to “unify Florida” at the same time he is demeaning the majority of the electorate.

“He says he wants a Florida for all,” DeSantis said. “And then you condemn a majority of the people in the state of Florida: Give me a break.”

Charlie Crist tried to jumpstart his campaign by launching nasty attacks against DeSantis.

But it backfired.

And Ron DeSantis immediately made Charlie Crist regret attacking him.

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