Charlie Crist just picked up one big endorsement that is bad news for Nikki Fried’s campaign

Jun 29, 2022

Florida Democrats are holding their primary for Governor on August 23.

Congressman Charlie Crist and Agricultural Commissioner Nikki Fried are the two Democrats seeking the opportunity to take on Ron DeSantis this fall.

And Charlie Crist just picked up one big endorsement that is bad news for Nikki Fried’s campaign.

Ron DeSantis is running for reelection to a second term as Governor in November.

Since his narrow victory in 2018, DeSantis has gained national fame for his willingness to fight back against the Left.

Polls now show that Ron DeSantis would be the clear frontrunner for the Republican nomination if Donald Trump decides not to run again in 2024.

However, Ron DeSantis has repeatedly said that he is not even thinking about 2024 because his sole focus is serving the people of Florida and getting re-elected by a large enough margin to turn Florida from a swing state to a solid Red state.

DeSantis will face off against either Charlie Crist or Nikki Fried in the November General Election.

On the Democrat side, Charlie Crist is leading in both the polls and in fundraising.

At the beginning of June, Crist reported raising $10.2 million compared to Nikki Fried’s $6.9 million.

But with the August 23 Primary fast approaching, the Democrat establishment is beginning to coalesce around Charlie Crist.

Crist, who previously served as the Republican Governor of Florida, already has the support of national Democrats such as Nancy Pelosi.

But Charlie Crist just picked up one major endorsement that could be the end of the line for Nikki Fried’s campaign.

Last week, the Florida AFL-CIO officially endorsed Charlie Crist.

In a prepared statement, AFL-CIO President Mike Williams pointed to Crist’s previous four-year stint as Governor after being elected in 2006 as a Republican.

“He often bucked other (Republican) Party leaders to do the right thing for Florida’s workers,” Williams said in the statement. “We know Charlie will focus on governing and solving problems for working families instead of focusing on divisive culture wars. Florida’s workforce has serious problems, and our economy has never been more lopsided, these and other issues can’t be ignored any longer. We believe that Crist is the right person for the job.”

The AFL-CIO’s endorsement will serve as a huge boost for Crist’s campaign.

The Florida AFL-CIO represents 1.6 million members.

The organization is expected to provide phone-banking and direct mail in support of Crist heading toward the August 23 Primary.

Charlie Crist thanked the AFL-CIO for their endorsement.

“Our teachers, our tradesmen, our state and municipal workers, these folks are the backbone of our workforce in Florida,” Crist said in a statement.

“It’s all on the line in November,” Crist added. “The freedom to form a union, reproductive freedom, the freedom from politics in our classroom — and that’s why we are going to win.”

Even if Crist wins the Democrat Party, he faces a major uphill battle this fall, as polls show DeSantis defeating both Crist and Fried in a head-to-head matchup.

DeSantis is also crushing the Democrats in fundraising, bringing in $124 million for his re-election efforts so far.

But the AFL-CIO endorsement could be the final nail in Fried’s coffin.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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