Chris Christie just described Ron DeSantis with three words that caught everyone by surprise

Sep 7, 2023

The main reason former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie entered the Presidential race was to take down Donald Trump.

Christie is now directing fire at Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

But Chris Christie just described Ron DeSantis with three words that caught everyone by surprise.

For conservatives, Chris Christie represents everything wrong with the Republican Party.

Even though he is a RINO, Christie will pretend to be a conservative if he believes it will benefit him politically.

Christie endorsed Donald Trump in 2016 and led his transition team to the White House.

Even though Trump eventually fired Christie, he only declared war on the former President after he contested the results of the 2020 election.

Christie decided to enter the Presidential race under a false belief that he was the only Republican who could stop Donald Trump in the 2024 Primary.

But after failing to take down Donald Trump, Christie is apparently turning his guns on another conservative candidate – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

On Tuesday, Christie appeared for three interviews on three different networks.

But instead of attacking Trump, Christie went after Ron DeSantis in all three interviews.

During an interview on Fox News Channel Brian Kilmeade’s radio program, Christie accused DeSantis of playing politics with Hurricane Idalia for refusing to spend the day with Joe Biden.

“He was playing politics with it, but that’s his choice,” Christie said. “You’re the governor of the state and the President of the United States comes and … you should have been there with the president to welcome it.”

Of course, DeSantis did not meet with Biden because he was busy leading the disaster recovery efforts, which most of his critics even agree he performed exceptionally well.

In an interview with CNN on the same day, Christie called DeSantis a hypocrite for voting “against Sandy aid in 2012 as a member of the House.”

“You know, this is the hypocrisy that everybody sees in politics and why they’re looking for someone who will just tell them the truth,” Christie said.

But it was in an interview with CNBC where Christie caught everyone by surprise with his attack on DeSantis.

Christie said on Last Call that DeSantis was a “big government Republican.”

“I’m not a big government Republican, like Governor DeSantis is, who thinks that every time you disagree with a position that a corporation takes, you should take punitive action against them,” Christie said.

Chris Christie is running as the establishment’s hatchet man.

And the fact that he is now focusing on Ron DeSantis could be a sign that the establishment is starting to view the Florida Governor as a threat.

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