Christina Pushaw took the gloves off on The Los Angeles Times for printing this nasty lie about Ron DeSantis

Jul 11, 2022

The left-wing press is shameless when it comes to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

They’ll say anything – even if they know it’s a lie – to try to score cheap political shots against him.

But Christina Pushaw took the gloves off on The Los Angeles Times for printing this nasty lie about Ron DeSantis.

The corporate-controlled media has been out to get Florida Governor Ron DeSantis ever since he stood up and rejected Joe Biden and Anthony Fauci’s COVID tyranny.

Despite more than two years of nasty attacks, DeSantis is currently more popular than ever before.

But the corporate-controlled media is determined to take down DeSantis.

And they’re willing to make up lies and false allegations if that’s what it takes.

On Friday, the left-wing editorial board at The Los Angeles Times published an article accusing Ron DeSantis of forcing students and professors to register their political views with the state.

“Though it would purportedly make campuses more open to a diversity of opinion, the law is likely to be used primarily as a tool for hunting down liberal professors, encouraging lawsuits and discouraging true freedom of expression,” The Los Angeles Times editorial board wrote. “It is true that many students — not just conservatives, by the way — keep their thoughts to themselves for fear of backlash.”

The left-wing editorial board then claimed that “the new Florida law threatens to turn universities into spy-and-sue zones based on speech” and also mandates “annual surveys of students to check on ‘intellectual freedom and viewpoint diversity.’”

The editorial board even contemplated how DeSantis would respond if a survey showed the majority of opinions on a particular campus were left-wing.

However, there is one major problem with what The Los Angeles Times editorial board wrote about DeSantis.

It’s a flat-out lie.

Even worse, it’s a lie that’s been debunked several times over the past year.

And Ron DeSantis’ Press Secretary, Christina Pushaw, just set the record straight in a scathing critique of the editorial board.

“The op-ed is rife with erroneous assumptions,” Pushaw told Fox News Digital. “First, it’s clear the writer didn’t read the legislation,” she continued, adding that “HB 233 clearly states that the surveys are simply meant to understand the extent to which faculty and students feel comfortable expressing their views on campus.”

“Moreover, these surveys are anonymous and voluntary, so it’s difficult to comprehend how the L.A. Times believes they would be used for ‘witch hunts’ of liberals,” Pushaw continued.

As Pushaw pointed out, “the vast majority of university professors” are already radical leftists.

“There’s nothing in HB 233 about ‘lawsuits’ against faculty for expressing any political views, including left-wing views,” Pushaw said. “The entire point of the legislation is to ensure that Florida universities and colleges are bastions of free expression,” she concluded.

This is only the latest attempt by the Left to smear DeSantis using the same false allegations.

As DeSantis Daily previously reported, author Stephen King tweeted that DeSantis signed a “bill requiring Florida students, professors to register political views with the state.”

“This same fake claim was circling the liberal Twittersphere after the bill was signed in 2021,” DeSantis Deputy Press Secretary Bryan Griffin told Fox News.

“It was debunked then. It has been debunked again, now,” he added.

Once again, the Left tried to smear Ron DeSantis using made-up, phony allegations.

But like always, the only damage they inflicted was on themselves and their reputations.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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