CNN just slipped up and admitted the real reason the left-wing media hates Ron DeSantis

Aug 12, 2022

Leftists in the press have been out to get Florida Governor Ron DeSantis ever since he rejected Biden and Fauci’s COVID rules and mandates.

Their attacks have only made DeSantis more popular.

But CNN just slipped up and admitted the real reason the left-wing media hates Ron DeSantis.

No Republican elected official receives more hatred and vitriol from the corporate-controlled press than Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

When DeSantis turned Florida into an “oasis of freedom” during the pandemic, the left-wing press attacked and smeared him every step of the way.

Calling him Ron “DeathSantis,” they falsified the COVID data from Florida and accused the Governor of killing people with his pro-freedom policies.

Of course, time has proven DeSantis made the right decision by rejecting the restrictions and mandates.

But instead of admitting they were wrong, the left-wing media launched into a full-throated attack against DeSantis for taking on wokeism in Florida.

The media called DeSantis a “homicidal sociopath,” a “fascist,” and a “bigot.”

They even accused him of being “anti-black,” “anti-gay,” and “anti-LGBTQ+ community” all because he signed a bill prohibiting teaching children in kindergarten through third grade about gender and sexuality.

The left-wing media doesn’t normally spend as much time attacking a state government official on the national news as they do Ron DeSantis.

But in a recent CNN editorial attacking DeSantis, columnist Steve Contorno admitted the real reason why the left-wing media hates the Florida Governor.

DeSantis’ willingness to stand and fight the Left has made him a rock star in the Republican Party.

If Donald Trump decides not to run for President in 2024, DeSantis will almost certainly win the GOP nomination.

DeSantis is “the only Republican who consistently challenges former President Donald Trump in polls looking ahead to the 2024 presidential primary,” Contorno wrote.

And it is the fear of a President Ron DeSantis that drives the left-wing media’s hatred of him.

“As he seeks a second term in November, and weighs a potential bid for president in 2024, the full weight of this amassed power is also beginning to crystalize,” Contorno wrote. “If reelected — and with a nine-figure fundraising advantage, the odds are heavily in his favor — there appears to be little to stop him from pushing through an agenda that would further transform Florida for an audience of future GOP primary voters,” he continued.

Contorno is worried because DeSantis is “building up his influence nationwide.”

But DeSantis’ national influence will grow even more next week when he headlines rallies for Trump-endorsed candidates in key battleground states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, Arizona, and New Mexico.

A united Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump will certainly throw the left-wing media into a frenzy.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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