CNN just slipped up and admitted why the Left is terrified of Ron DeSantis

Mar 21, 2022

The Democrats and the corporate-controlled media have declared war on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

They’ll do anything to take him down.

But CNN just slipped up and admitted why the Left is terrified of Ron DeSantis.

Last year, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis vowed to stand up against woke cancel culture in the Sunshine State.

DeSantis made good on his promise when he banned the teaching of Marxist-based Critical Race Theory in Florida’s classrooms as well as gave parents the right to sue any school who allowed teachers to teach the ideology to their children.

DeSantis also banned Critical Race Theory in corporate settings like employee training.

But what really sent the Left into a frenzy was when the Republican-led State Legislature recently passed a parental rights in education bill that simply prohibits the teaching of gender and sexuality to children in kindergarten through third grade.

After misnaming it the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, the Democrats, including the Biden administration, demanded Ron DeSantis veto what they labeled as “hateful” legislation.

Disney’s woke CEO even stepped in and publicly called on DeSantis to drop his support for the bill while also pledging to donate $5 million to the radical homosexual lobby.

Of course, Ron DeSantis is a principled Republican who doesn’t bend to the demands of the radical Left or woke corporations.

“If you are in one of these corporations, if you’re a woke CEO, you want to get involved in our legislative business, look, it’s a free country,” DeSantis declared last June. “But understand, if you do that, I’m fighting back against you. And I’m going to make sure that people understand your business practices, and anything I don’t like about what you’re doing.”

DeSantis showed how serious he was after Disney’s CEO came out and demanded he drop his support for the legislation.

Instead of cowering to Disney’s demands, DeSantis doubled down on his support, and instead came out swinging against the woke Left.

But during their attacks on DeSantis, CNN just revealed the real reason why the Left is terrified of the Florida Governor.

In an article titled, “DeSantis vs. Disney showdown bolsters Florida governor’s standing in GOP,” CNN admitted that “the episode has only further bolstered his standing within his party.”

“But unlike past GOP leaders, DeSantis has been unmoved by corporate pressure or threats of economic boycott over divisive policies,” CNN wrote, adding that, “rather, he has gained a national following by leaning into fights, no matter who is on the receiving end.”

Christopher Miles, a Miami-based GOP consultant, told CNN that Ron DeSantis isn’t one to just allow the Left to walk all over him.

“If you come at Ron DeSantis directly, he will come after you. He has made that clear,” Miles said. “It’s almost like Disney gave him a nice platform to run for president, and it was a good opportunity for him to spike the football. If you draw DeSantis into a fight, he’s going to go to the mat,” Miles added.

Miles is right.

Just like Donald Trump, GOP voters love the fact that Ron DeSantis is willing to stand up to the Fake News Media and fight back against the socialist Democrats.

This is why poll after poll shows that should Donald Trump decide not to run for President again in 2024, Ron DeSantis is the clear frontrunner for the GOP nomination.

And that is the real reason why Democrats are terrified of Ron DeSantis.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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