Democrat Nikki Fried is making an outlandish claim about what the media is doing to Ron DeSantis

May 20, 2022

Radical Democrat Nikki Fried is trying to run against Ron DeSantis.

But her poll numbers are so bad she is trying to come up with excuses.

Now Democrat Nikki Fried is making an outlandish claim about what the media is doing to Ron DeSantis.

There is a reason we call Ron DeSantis “America’s Governor.”

Poll after poll shows him not only wildly popular in Florida, but also in all 50 states.

And it’s all a result of DeSantis being willing to stand up for parents, stand up for freedom, and stand up for principles.

He’s unlike most other politicians in that he stands for something and stands firm.

Yet the corporate-controlled media continues to attack him almost every day.

They’ve reacted to his victories with disgust and derision and have called him everything from a racist to “Ron DeathSantis” for following science and refusing to lockdown Florida during the various COVID surges.

He just scored a major victory over “woke” Disney and continues to push for conservative principles despite the relentless Fake News Media’s attacks.

Yet, despite the media’s clear hatred of DeSantis, one of his Democrat opponents, Nikki Fried, is now claiming the media created DeSantis and said “Look, the press has given him so much.”

That’s right – her bizarre claims are now starting to make the rounds and laughter seems to be the number one response.

Her claim was on the far-left Stuttering John Podcast, and she made it up while trying to explain why she is running so poorly in the polls.

Her reasoning is that because the media is so helpful to DeSantis that she is bound to be behind.

Unfortunately for Fried, there is a lot more to worry about.

Almost every single poll has Fried in second place in the Democrat Primary behind U.S. Rep. Charlie Crist (D), who is ahead of Fried in both polling and fundraising.

So as it stands now, Fried won’t even be the Democrat nominee.

And, in a head-to-head race against DeSantis, almost every poll so far shows Fried far behind against the incumbent Governor.

In fact, the latest RealClearPolitics poll tracking shows Fried down nearly 13 points on average to DeSantis.

If the media attacks against DeSantis continue, we could see that lead double by November.

Because it does appear that every time the corporate-controlled media – acting on behalf of their Democrat puppet masters – attacks DeSantis, he rises in the polls.

And certainly every single attack only helps build his credibility with America First conservatives and liberty activists.

So, maybe Nikki Fried does have a point after all – media hatred of DeSantis IS helping him!

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