Democrat Nikki Fried was just handed one set of numbers that has Charlie Crist sweating bullets

Aug 17, 2022

On August 23, Democrat voters in Florida will select a candidate to take on Ron DeSantis in November.

Charlie Crist believes the Democrat nomination is his for the taking.

But Democrat Nikki Fried was just handed one set of numbers that has Charlie Crist sweating bullets.

Ron DeSantis rocked the political world in 2018 after Donald Trump’s endorsement catapulted him to a surprising victory in the Republican Primary.

DeSantis edged out a narrow victory a few months later in the General Election, topping Democrat Andrew Gillum by a razor-thin margin of 0.4% to become the 46th Governor of Florida.

Ron DeSantis is up for re-election in November.

However, this is not the same Ron DeSantis who barely defeated the Democrats four years ago.

DeSantis garnered national attention during the pandemic when he stood up and rejected Anthony Fauci and Joe Biden’s lockdowns and mandates.

The Florida Governor also showed Republicans how to fight back and win against the Left’s woke ideology.

He banned Critical Race Theory in Florida’s schools, signed a bill prohibiting biological males from participating in women’s sports, and passed a law preventing the Left from indoctrinating children in kindergarten through third grade into the transgender and homosexual lifestyle.

DeSantis’ willingness to fight the Left resonated with Republican voters nationwide, resulting in the Florida Governor raising a record $130 million for his re-election efforts.

Congressman Charlie Crist and Democrat Nikki Fried are the two Democrats running in the August 23 Primary for the shot to take on DeSantis this fall.

For the past few months, Charlie Crist has been outperforming Nikki Fried in both the polls and in fundraising.

Crist also picked up several high-profile national endorsements, such as Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

But a new poll released Tuesday by the University of North Florida shows Nikki Fried surging into first place with just one week left until the August 23 Primary.

The new UNF poll showed Fried leading Crist by 47% to 43%.

“Fried seems to have reversed the eight-point lead that Crist had when we asked registered Democrats about vote choice in February,” Dr. Michael Binder, PORL faculty director and UNF professor of political science said. “It’s possible that the overturning of Roe v. Wade changed the make-up of this race, and has particularly energized women that are almost 20 points more likely to vote for her.”

Women are almost 20 points more likely to vote for Nikki Fried over Charlie Crist.

For the past month, Nikki Fried told the press that her momentum was surging and she should not be counted out.

On Sunday, at a “Roe the Vote” event outside an early voting site in Tallahassee, Fried predicted she would flip two-thirds of the undecided vote and overtake Crist by August 23 — something veteran political reporters, campaign consultants, and political scientists all said was very unlikely.

Either way, both Democrats will have a tough time defeating DeSantis, as polls consistently show him defeating Crist and Fried in a hypothetical head-to-head matchup.

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