Democrats are going to hate what this liberal comic just said about Ron DeSantis

Apr 26, 2022

Democrats want to turn Florida Governor Ron DeSantis into the new bogeyman for the Left.

But they just got some bad news.

And Democrats are going to hate what this liberal comic just said about Ron DeSantis.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis led the crackdown on the Right expunging dangerous woke ideology from schools.

The latest example of DeSantis standing for parents and protecting children came when the Florida Department of Education rejected more than 50 math textbooks due to the fact that they contained Critical Race Theory.

Democrats and the corporate-controlled media howled.

But on the latest episode of his Real Time show, liberal comedian Bill Maher slammed leftists for ignoring the reality that Critical Race Theory and woke ideology are really present in American public schools.

Maher then pointed to one of the examples from the textbooks that the state provided, which showed a math book contained a problem that asked students to show that conservatives were more racist than liberals.

“[I]t hinges on whether there really is something going on in the schools that never was going on there before and maybe shouldn’t be going on there. So, we got information today about this. Because this is about what is going on in schools all across the country, but Florida is, of course, the focal point because it’s Florida. So, they took out 41 textbooks, math textbooks. And at the beginning of the week, we didn’t know why. They said there [are] things in there that are inappropriate for children. Today, they released four examples. This just happened before we came out here, I read through them. A lot of it, I feel like . . . it’s like kids should have empathy when they’re learning. Fine, I’m okay with that. Most of it, I thought was kind of a nothing burger, but here’s one . . . this is a math question, measuring racial prejudice by political identification. […] I mean, this is teaching math. And why use that example?” Maher began.

Maher said while many on the Left want to downplay the fact that Critical Race Theory is in schools, it does exist and that Governor DeSantis does have a point.

“I don’t think this is typical, I think they . . . picked 41 books and they have four examples. Of the examples, this was the most egregious. But it does exist. It is real. So, again, I don’t know why Democrats do this to themselves. I think DeSantis is demagoguing this issue. Because I think he thinks this is a great way to be the candidate in 2024 by owning the libs on gays and kids and Pluto and Goofy f*cking each other or whatever insanity they’re going to — but I also think textbooks are written by a certain type of people . . . the type who would put some bullshit like that in a math book, that type of people,” Maher concluded.

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