Democrats are in a frenzy over this move by Republicans to stop left-wing activists from tearing down American history in Florida

Jan 26, 2024

The radical Left believes America is an inherently evil nation founded in racism.

They have been tearing down statues of historical figures all across the country.

And Democrats are in a frenzy over this move by Republicans to stop left-wing activists from tearing down American history in Florida.

Under the leadership of Governor Ron DeSantis, Florida Republicans in the State Legislature are continuing to take a sledgehammer to the Left’s woke ideology.

In recent years, the Left has embarked on a mission to tear down historical monuments and statues in states, cities, and small towns across the nation.

Woke leftists say these historical statues are nothing more than monuments in honor of the racists who they claim founded America.

It started with statues of confederates like General Robert E. Lee but quickly extended to include Thomas Jefferson and many other Founding Fathers.

But Republicans in the State Legislature are working to pass legislation that would “ensure protection and preservation for all historical monuments and memorials in Florida.”

Republican State Senator Jonathan Martin filed the bill – SB 1122, the “Historical Monuments and Memorials Protection Act”, in the state legislature along with Representatives Dean Black and Webster Barnaby in the House.

On Monday, Martin’s bill cleared the Senate Committee on Governmental Oversight and Accountability.

“Accurate history belongs to all Floridians in perpetuity,” Martin said. “And accurate and factual history belongs to all Floridians and future generations.”

“According to the bill, the secretary of state and the state historic preservation officer shall be responsible for ensuring that each nonmilitary Florida monument or memorial is not removed, damaged, or destroyed, regardless of the location of such monument or memorial in the state,” Florida’s Voice News reported. “Under the bill, the Florida Department of Veterans’ Affairs would have those same responsibilities for military monuments and memorials.”

If passed, local governments would only be allowed to relocate a historical statue in order to carry out a construction or infrastructure project.

However, the monument must be returned to its original location, or nearest location, within 12 months after the project’s completion.

Any official or local agent who helps violate the law is subject to a $1,000 fine or the cost of repairs.

“The goal is to protect Floridian and American history,” Martin said. “So, however we can do that, I believe is the goal of the bill.”

“Simply removing a statue, I think, takes away the good, if there was good, from that statue – or the bad, but either of those are things that we can learn from as a society to make us stronger and to unite us,” Martin added.

Of course, Democrats are in a frenzy over the bill.

But Republicans are not backing down.

“All this bill does is protect American history,” Martin said.

Ron DeSantis is off the Presidential trail and back in Florida battling it out against the woke Left. 

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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